Friday, August 5, 2011

Kapow. Change City.

I've changed things around here a bit and I'm going to write about it.

For one, I just couldn't bear people opening my blog and the first thing they read is the word "poop." I'm still immensely proud of Clarabear and she's added tinkle to that party in her potty as well but it was time for a new title.

For two, I've had Audrey Hepburn's quote under the "about me" section forever {and I still love it} but it bothered me that I couldn't be creative enough to write "about me" myself.

So, let me tell you. I re-wrote that section in about 5 seconds; apparently I know more about myself than I thought lol. Go me! :) And...I'm going to explain it a bit further.

Don't worry though, I'll add random pictures like I've started doing lately. ;)

See...there I go already! The pool time fun was compliments of  Ms. Amy and Grace.

So, I mentioned being impulsive. That's truly the first thing that comes to mind when I think about my character. I actually really like that about myself, not to "toot" my own horn but that quality can come in handy. To me, it means I'm flexible and no particular order. :) When I was in college, me and 3 other girls decided one Friday night to jump in the car, drive 4 hours to Manhattan to see another friend and stop and get our tongue's pierced on the way. See what I mean, impulsive.:) (But that also ties into me saying I'm a bit different than I was 5 years ago lol) More on that later.

Secondly, I am dramatic. I think I'm more of a dramatic writer than I actually am in real life, but my dad could make any boring story fun, and I'd like to think I can write any story to be fun. Don't worry though...I'm totally honest on this blog. I did rob kirklands and did have to run back in and return everything. Wow...just writing that made me want to cry...what a day that was! :)

Random picture number two

That's my sister, and natey Easter. Oooh. Now this is like a game...I wonder how random can I get? :)

Thirdly, okay, let's see...what's next on my list. Oh yes. Fiercely protective. I am. This sounds horrible, but I'm not sure I used to be this way. But, all of us girls probably can think of a couple friend's hearts we scarred by hurtful words, or dating an ex, etc. All that highschool drama was no fun. No fun at all. However, now? NO WAY. NO CHANCE. You speak disapprovingly or disrespectfully of someone I love now, hold onto your pants...that's all I'm saying! ;)

Fourthly, I do love to dance and I also love to sing. However, my college friends said I looked like a "broken penguin" when I danced back then so I keep my "saweeet" moves to myself and Clara Grace these days. ;) Ironically, I used to sing all the time in high school but 10 years of not singing has proved a bit hard on these vocal chords and I really can hardly sing at all anymore. If that is not enough evidence for you, Clara has said "Nooohhh" a time or two when I bust out a tune in the car, so that has also turned my singing into a one person audience and that person happens to be me. :)

Last random picture of the night

Hehe...that one still cracks me up. He was totally copying me!
Okay...and in light of the fact this post has gotten impressively long, I'll end this evening with



Alina @ My Yellow Umbrella said...

Oh, how I love you and all of your qualities, Ambersunshinehappypants! You are one of my favorite people EVER. I never leave your blog NOT smiling (even at the poop!).

Kelsey said...

I love love love everything and I mean EVERYTHING about you!!!! Just thought you should know ;)

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