Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Goodness!

And, the list just keeps growing of people catching onto the blogging CRAZE!! :) Take that facebook!!! :) (Even though most people who blog also have facebook I will pretend that is not true.)

Look who's a ms. blogging pants now???

Well it's Angela Beth ~soon to be Fogelman. :)

How much do we not look alike lol?? Seriously though...I'm convinced either or both of us was adopted to this day! (But don't say that to my momma bc it makes her maaaad. lol) Like real mad though.

So, Hey...that reminds me. Did you know me and Dave met the most amazing people this semester and are sad because it all came to an end on Monday. (Did you see how I did that transition that actually didn't work at all) :)  Oh, and it's not really ending, just the summer semester. :)

That's Candice & Mike and their family ~Oh wait..nope...not quite...that's candice and Mike and my little stinker and Ms. Grace (P.S. Me and Mike are singing in my sister's (mentioned above) wedding this fall. We are writing a song and I'm like SUPER PUMPED about it!!

Let's see who's next...

Jenn & Kendri...two girls full of amazingness also! Hi girls!! (They are case you were wondering).

And here is Rene...

He's from Guatamala and has a little boy named Caleb. I guess his wife Jessica had this conversation with Caleb the other day and it's so cute I had to share it with you!

Jessica: Caleb where is mommy from?

Caleb: Home.

Jessica (trying not to laugh): Sure.

Jessica: And where is Caleb from?

Caleb: Home.

Jessica: Sure. And what about Daddy. Where is Daddy from?

Caleb: Watermelon!!!

Okay seriously how cute is that?!?! He totally thought his daddy was from Watermelon...not Guatemala. Cute right?!? So cute!

And this picture cracked me up. It was supposed to be one of those where I take the picture myself while capturing me and everyone behind me but it turned out like this.

So let's see, that's Jessica's arm, Pauls torso, Amy's leg and my right eye. Love.It :)

Okay and there are many more fantastic people in our group but I did super bad at getting pictures of all of them (note picture above), so you'll all just have to trust me.

When I first started going to Indian Creek, Steve (the campus pastor) invited us to be part of a group and truthfully our first reaction was..."Um, no. That sounds boring and a little awful). I'm just the "Go to church on Sunday" type of girl and I was happy with that. But then...after a few more requests we finally agreed and it These people are our FOR REAL friends. Like they know the good, the bad and the ugly and they stick it out. We help eachother...if one of us is sick, we make food for them until they're feeling better, if someone is in a financial tightspot, we pull together and figure help out, or if one of us is having just a super awful, crappy day, we hug them, and then Mike will tell a joke that will probably make them squirt pop out your nose...all of a sudden the weight of the day won't feel so bad.

So, the more I hang out with these guys, the more I really understand "The Church." We are not a building, we are real people, working out life together, because trying to do it by yourself can be horrible at times! Right?!?! We see eachother Sundays, but that's not where it stops for us, that's where it starts.

These are my peeps and I've got their backs...just like they've got mine.

Now, Clara on the other hand...I think she maybe just goes for the food!! :) lol!

Love you groupie!!!

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kayla said...

Oh I miss you and our old group that we all attended!! You are right, ya'll have eachothers backs and it truly is amazing!

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