Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clara's Lingo

Clara has a vocabulary that's a bit different than most girls her age.

It makes me laugh a little.

There's my sweetheart...

It's no secret that she is probably not saying the "average" number of words a toddler her age should be but she's slowly adding new words each day and that's encouraging. A friend of mine gave me a number of a communication specialist here in johnson county that could do a free evaluation but to be honest I'm a bit afraid of what they will say and for now am just going to assume she's perfectly fine and enjoy this time as she explores new words. (We've checked the biggies, like hearing etc and she's 100% fine. Phew.) :)

So, for example...

She goes for the easiest word of the sentence and uses that to communicate right now. So, instead of a toddler's typical phrase " Mine!" She will calmly say


Like, "May I have that back Clara Grace" (as I say to her) And, she's learned it's easiest for her right now to say "Back." So, like this morning when she wanted a toy that she was sharing from her friend Elli, she's just say "back."

There she is again...:)
Or, her other favorite is


(I'd like to take a quick moment to interrupt my mildly boring post to let you know this post really is more for me so I remember this in the future, but I do think you will enjoy the last couple paragraphs..okay continue....) :)

"Clara would you like to try this by yourself?"  is what I commonly ask and most children I know would say "Me try," or "I try" but she just smiles and says "Self." It makes us laugh. It's really cute.

And, let's see...what else does she say? Oh...


That means she wants to watch "Veggie tales." Bob is the tomato and she is literally just mezmerized by him (and larry) his cucumber counterpart.

It's also cute, because little does she know that was my dad's I bet her grandpa in heaven enjoys that fact that he is in her "top 5" words right now! :)

I will remember this and Dave were eating supper a couple weeks ago and we were having some sort of pasta dish with cut up vegetables. She very non-chalantly picked up part of a diced tomato, looked at me and Dave and said "Bob" and then proceeded to eat him.

We seriously still laugh about that...I had no idea she had put that together...a real tomato vs. a cartoon talking tomato.

This is "Bob" and Larry, for all of you who have no idea who or what I'm talking about.

Cuties aren't they?

However, sometimes her speech is causing me to panic a little. She has started liking frogs. I'm not sure why or what caused it but frogs are now her favorite...

however, it sounds a little like she's saying...


how do you say...

Well, take out the "r" sound and make an "uh" sound, and replace the "g" with a "ck".

Got it?? Eeeeek!!!

So yesterday, when my friend Christina stopped by, Clara was holding one of her frogs and walking around the room "frog!frog!"...or her version of it over and over and over excitedly and quite loudly because she wanted Christina to see her frog. We were both dying laughing but it really does have me panicked when we go places where we may see one! What will people think I'm teaching my sweet baby girl!?!?!

Oh my, this is one I hope we can clear up soon lol!!!! :)


Matilda's Mommy said...

Too funny! Don't worry about the number of words. She probably knows more then you think she does. At this age they are learning words all the time. The important thing is that you are reading to her, talking to her and helping her learn. And I am sure you are doing all those things perfectly!...but you might want to spend some extra time working on FROG!

Allison said...

Are you serious, check out the post I just posted without seeing this. Girl, we are connected, forget the states that span between us :) haha

*Sparkles* said...

she gets her love of larry and bob from her awesome aunt!

Amy said...

HA! I love it... you are such a good Mommy, Amber!!

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