Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Mrs. Matchmaker...

...but I'm nervously awaiting a couple I set up tonight!! lol!

Okay, so I have set up like four couples, and THREE of those couples ended up getting married.

I really feel it's a gift. :)

I mean that's CRAZY good odds, right?!?!

However, I might have made a terrible mistake with my latest matchmaking attempt. Oopsies!

Let me explain...

I LOVE my neighbors. Like I stalk them, and call them, and invite them over and hang out with them wayyy more than most people probably hang out with their neighbors. But, I totally love them all.

So, my good friend next door is adorable and never kissed a boy and the whole shabang. She is sweet and I have just been waiting to find the right man for her because sometimes for whatever reason I think people won't be able to find the person they should marry without involving me. Moving on...:)

Then, the other day, I was playing with the band I'm part of on Sunday's and realized the guitarist is single and about her age and quite a handsome, sweet fellow.


(Enter Amber's matchmaking genuis) :)

I decide they need to meet, fall in love, and get married.

SOOOO.... :)

I tell him about her. I tell her about him.

They agree they would like to meet.

He calls her.


She calls me freaking, I mean freaking out!!

She leaves this on a message.

"Amber, GIRL, you better call me the moment you get this. He called and I have something to tell you right now!!"

So, while mildly panicking I call her back the moment I finish listneing to her message.


She is not quite as old as I thought. lol!!

Um, I thought she was my age, making her (we'll round up for number's sake) about 30. He is about 40, which I knew would be a stretch, but he looks incredibly younger than he is so I thought it may be just perfect!!


She is not (about 30).

She is not (about 28).

She is not (about 25).

She is 22.

SO...let me do the math for this.

He is 41 and she is 22!!!!! They are 19 years apart!!!

Oh my gosh.Oh my gosh.

I nearly poo'd in my pants!!

I felt so bad on both sides, because how awkward for both of them!

HOWEVER, here's where it gets good.

He, being the nice gentleman he is, agrees to take her out, and she being as polite as she is says yes.

SOOO, tonight they came over before they left, and guys...I have to tell you.

They were ADORABLE together!!

Like seriously adorable, her looking (about 10 years older) and him looking (about 10 years younger) made them look exactly the same age AND like the cutest. couple. ever.

Me and Dave rushed inside after they left and were literally like high fiving because I think this actually still might work. So, my record may just have grown yet again!!! :)

However, I will keep you posted!

And, side note, my neighbor added that her parents are 13 years apart and her grandparents were actually 20 years apart so laugh all you will, I think God may have orchestrated this after all!!!
Tomorrow = follow up  blog time!!!


~Ashley said...

Can't wait to hear how this all come out!!

Amy said... Waiting for the udpate here!!!! (Amber, you ALWAYS make me laugh out loud when I read your posts!!!) How awesome... can't wait to hear how the rest of this story unfolds.

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