Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poor Mr. Red

Mr. Red = Mr. Blue's replacement

Meet Mr. Red

We are quite creative with pet names aren't we? :)

Okay, so we're really just trying to teach Clara colors through her fish. Genius's we are.

See, this is why they say you can't replace a pet...I'm not sure they were specifically referring to Beta Fish but I am.

Mr. Red is a non-smart fish (I don't want to call him the other option) :)

Sorry Mr. Red, but I think we both know it had to be said.

He isn't at all like Mr. Blue.

Mr. Blue gracefully swam around his tank, made bubble nests (or whatever those are called that Beta Fish make) and waited for me each morning by his little feeding hole for his breakfast.

He was such a sweet fishy.

Mr. Red...will let me tell you about Mr. Red. After the passing of Mr. Blue I decided to upgrade our tank for the new little guy so me and Clara picked out some beautiful plants and in that first picture you can see that we got him a special "Beta resting leaf" where I guess most Beta's love to "lounge." Well, instead of lounging he tries to bite it, he spends many hours of the day "fighting" with the bubbles made by his air filter and gets stuck in his plants.

Sorry buddy

 But I'm telling you guys...not smart! :)

I don't think Dave believed me until he saw him first hand attacking his bubbles at dinner last night and started laughing. :) And...it really is quite comical when he gets stuck in his plants; he just wiggles his little fishy bottom back and forth really fast and I feel like its now our unspoken "sign" that he wants me to come rescue him.


This may be the first post ever about Mr. Red, but I have a feeling it won't be the last. :) (As long as Dave doesn't change his water lol)

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