Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Update (To Ms. Matchmaker)

They're in LOVE!!!!!!

Okay, not quite yet.

But I'm convinced they will be!! :)


They had a great time. Dinner led to movie. Movie led to another conversation of a date.

And so, the second date's coming up soon!!

Can you believe it?? I. CAN. :) I'm telling you...I've just got a knack for these things lol! :)

However, I did hear there was quite a bit of "You're probably too old to understand," OR "You were only a baby when this happened" jokes, but I'll take it...they still had a great time and despite the age difference said they really found eachother attractive...inside and out. :) Nice. YAY!
And, onto some REALLY really sad news.

Mr. Blue is dead. 

I mean this picture is from when he is alive, but now he's dead.

I cried this morning.

I really did.

We've been through so much together. Me and Clara have nursed him back from swim disease, ick, a bladder infection and ammonia poisoning. We've bought every fish medicine there was but he finally ended up kicking the bucket (or however you say that).

And, here's the really sad thing.

Dave killed him. :(

I was SUPER mad a little upset.

Dave felt SOOOO bad.

But, he cleaned the tank last night (because I mentioned that since bringing home this little man home he'd only cleaned the tank once so it would be nice if he would clean it from time to time. Ha!).

But, he forgot a very important element.

The water conditioner!!!

So, this morning, I headed into the kitchen to feed our precious, ridiculously expensive costing,beta  fishy, only to find him resting peacefully at the bottom of the tank.

His fins weren't moving. His gills were still. He'd gone to fishy heaven forever. :(

So. I think me and Clara are going to head to fish haven this afternoon. I just can't imagine what I'm going to tell her when she wakes up because first thing every morning I hear from her is...

"buee buee fooo"

"No, honey, not this morning...we won't be feeding Mr. Blue this morning sweetheart."



kayla said...

Aww...poor Clara will miss her fishy!!

*Sparkles* said...

Good thing there is a birthday coming up!!!

Hes in heaven with our beta mac....they can swim together...in the clouds...

Melanie said...

Oh, our fishies died this week too. It was sad. I think I took it harder than the kids. We now have two guppies.

Kelsey said...

You are a good matchmaker!!! I love this story. So sorry to hear about your fishy. Sad day.

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