Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Number One!

...In Mary Kay Foundation

Our computer is ah-completely-uh-busted. and so for the time being I am going to talk to you about things that do not need pictures. Sounds super exciting right?!? Absolutely.

So continuing with my story. My friend Kendri ASSURED me when I switched to Mary Kay make-up that I wouldn't have to be a number one. I said I just couldn't switch from Clinique (where I am a number 2) to a number one because in make-up world that essentially means you are the lightest person God created which is just medium cool in the skin world where Tan's are the awesomeeest.. Like number one = the equivalent to a snowman when it comes to color.

So...imagine my surprise when I got home from seeing her to open up my new foundation. Yep, right there in bold print Ivory(01)...cry cry cry

Now, most of you are probably thinking that I am making a big deal out of nothing and that I should be happy that I have a face that I can put make up-on (because lets be honest- we all saw the Oprah special with the people who had to have doctors create a face because there's had been burned badly, etc) so I get that argument and I am sorry if this sounds conceited of me but that teensey part inside of me just liked being a number two, which meant someeee people God created were even lighter skinned than me, but now that I've officially moved to Number One Spot I'm really going to have to embrace that I am...of all the people in the world...the fairest skinned of them all. Hey, does that make me like Snow white?? She was the fairest in the land that's pretty  cool I guess...okay so maybe I'm fine with it. She was the fairest in all the land, and I get to be the fairest in Kansas. Wooohoo!!

So, I guess going forward if you hear me yelling...
"I'm Number One!"

You'll all know why and not be concerned about my mental stability or that I'm being prideful.

Nope, you can just tell your friends, she is the lightest skinned person in the land of Kansas and she's embracing it lol..

Okay, no but seriously if you do actually hear me saying that please sit me down and have a mini-talk about how that is not actually a good idea At.All....:)

So, I'm curious, any other Number One's out there!?!? We should start a band or club or something probably...:)


~Ashley said...

Don't feel bad, Am. I'm not a #1, but that's only b/c I use Bare Essentuals and they don't number things. I use "light" or "fairly light" depending on the season. So today, I'm light, which makes me the lightest of those that God created, too. We can embrace it together. :)

Amy said...

Yep, you're not alone dear friend. :)

Kendri said...

That cracked me up! For the record, your liquid foundation is 204 AND the mineral powder tends to run a little dark, PLUS there actually is an Ivory .5, so there's still a shade lighter than yours. Hee hee! But you are still #1 in my book!

mama brehm said...

I don't use MK but yes... I, too, often don the lightest shade (I think I'm like Ashley in Bare Escentuals) ... my trick, Bronzer;). It's all good to be white as rice.

Alina @ My Yellow Umbrella said...


Ivory all the way, baby!

This made me crack up laughing, btw. You're pretty much the funniest blogger in my entire feed...and one of my best that makes me super duper lucky in blog life AND real life!

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