Thursday, October 27, 2011

In The Spirit Of Embarassing Myself

Yep...there I am Halloween 1990.:)

. As you can se my mom was not a "go to the store and buy halloween outfits" mom.She was..."Let's see what I have lying around the house and be creative" mom. :) So that's me in a old bridesmaid dress she wore and a crown from Burger King.

(I'm not quite sure what Angela is doing because she looks like a posessed puppy in this picture lol), but she was a little dalmation and see all mom needed for that one...white sweatpants,shirt and a sharpie.

So, essentially it cost nothing...except our dignity. Haha...just kidding mom. :)

So...that got me to can I spend no money but bring out Clara's ...well you know...adorableness!

Enter Cinderella Dress.

Remember how Clara had the Cinderella playdress?

I'm sure you did. :)

I just decided to use that, buy some warm stockings and throw in a crown from her good friend Elli. WALLAH! you have a Halloween outfit. Many of you are probably thinking, "Um, Amber, that's the most uncreative idea ever." And to that I'd have to say "touche my friend" but I am an uncreative soul and I'm not afraid to say it because that's how God made me lol. :)

So as we head into the Halloween weekend have fun and  don't judge me if you see Clara wearindg her Halloween outfit for the remainder of the year. She has decided she doesn't want to take it off since I had her try it on this morning.

CHEESE! & Cheers! & something halloweeney!...oh I know.. Boo!


kayla said...

Clara makes a pretty Cinderella!! :)

Kelsey said...

I'm so excited to see her dressed up as Cinderella Sunday! :) YAY!

Pam's Perceptions said...

This is really funny to me, her grandma, as I bought this princess dress on a whim off a sale rack at Wal Mart . . . who would've thought she'd love it (she who hates dresses!! :) )

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