Thursday, October 6, 2011

A New Game For Your Toddler!

1. Imagine up a good recipe which your little one can help you make!

(I'll help you...we'll go with Rice Krispie Treats!)

2. Next, let them pour the marshmellows into the pan sitting on low heat (with your help of course!)

3. Once the butter and marshmellows have melted, ask them to help you add the Rice Krispies!

4. Then simply set them on the floor while you combine the mixture together, carefully trying to evenly cover marshmellow yummieness over all the "nakey" rice 

Easy peasy, right?!?

I was literally busy thinking to myself (while stirring) what an amazing mom I was, teaching my daughter all about cooking. And how she was so excited being able to help and so obedient with the instructions I was giving her...I was surely due some sort of  "Amazing Mom Award..."

"Oh no, you guys are too much...I couldn't possibly accept this. Okay I will." :)


While I was busy imagining someone giving me an award for mom of the century Clara (and Fluffy) were busy doing this by my feet....

I kept hearing her say "Sweeem, sweeeem" but didn't take the time to look down and see she'd poured out all the remaining rice krispies and was going for a little "swim" in her apparently imaginary cereal bowl(She really did this quietly as I still can't believe I didn't notice!) Anyways..:)...she was literally kicking back and forth and moving her arms in and out like she was actually was incredibly precious to tell you the truth. :)

Since I knew it was completely too late to stop her I just let her play...and play she did lol! (Her and Fluffy...well actually fluffy just ate them but you know what I mean)

Here she was getting up close and serious with the "krispies;" really examining her little friends. Meanwhile...Fluffy continued eating them.

She discovered that "krispies" can cause a mess on your feet, so for a while she'd pick them off...but then that would get boring so she'd go back to "swimming" or running through them "" Me: "Yes Clara, you are running fast...through the krispies which are slowly invading other parts of the house now too lol!"

She actually spent part of the time scraping them up and putting them back in the bowl...but then after my praises and giving her a hundred 'thank-you hugs' I walked away and saw her excitedly lift the bowl and dump them all out again..."Well..I tried." :)

So, I guess the moral of this story is.....

never pretend you're a superstar when you make rice krispie treats.

(because you will find rice krispies forever in your house and your dog will spend the next day throwing up everywhere)


The End


Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness Amber, your blog always makes me laugh out loud (literally)! I love how you write and always have a great picture to match! I really do love you!!!

Marcus + Jenilee said...

Thanks for the smile "supermom" :) Love this story!! :)

Melanie said...

LOL - Fantastic! You should make Snapfish book with this story & pictures.

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