Monday, October 31, 2011

Scarrrry Movies

I'm a scaredy cat at heart.

I slept with my lights on all the way up through college.

Seriously, like the overhead light in my room...not a lamp. 

And, when my roomate would go home on weekends, I'd run over and sleep on Marissa and monica's couch lol (because we lived in an apt that shared a laundry room so that wasn't weird right??) :). But hey, you can't judge because it was just 3 girls in my house growing up and my mom would be the first to admit she probably couldn't have rescued us from any robbers because she'd have to find her glasses first and by that time we'd all have been carried off! :)

So, anyways it's probably odd then, for you to know that I LOVE a good scary movie...but I'm very specific about them. They have to be mainly suspenseful and like maybe only one or two people can get killed and there has to be just like no blood, etc. :) Sooo really if they'd make G rated scary movies I would SOOO be the perfect audience!

That's why on Halloween weekend, it's the one time of year Dave will watch a scary movie with me so it's like a REAL big deal. In fact, our first date when we were only "friends" (lol for anyone who knows the back story to that) we saw Saw 2. Now, this is particularly humorous to me because Dave HATES scary movies and since we were just friends back then he didn't want to share that scary movies terrrrrify him. I think it's so cute still that he agreed to go with me. P.S. Halloween is also Dave's birthday so that made it extra special that he agreed to spend his first birthday with me doing something he hates. Awhhh such a sweet man. :)

SO, fast forward 6 years to present day...It was my annual "go and find a scary movie that isn't actually scary and mainly suspenseful and no blood at all" trip to blockbuster on Friday night. I was trying to explain this to the nice blockbuster employee who looked like this...

I believe his name was Kurt. I'm seriously not even joking at all...he didn't have glasses but the rest of the picture is just about perfect! And I'm not trying to be mean either just realistic. That is what he looked like. (I would also like to add that he must have decided to be "all naturalll" because he smelled a bit like he hadn't worn deoderant in 5 years)

Back to he's kindly trying to understand what on earth I'm explaining to him about the genre of scary movies I like when suddenly he decides on "Legion."

Now, I'd never heard of this movie and in the movie world that's never a good sign.
And it just looked a bit weird.

Okay, but after this nice gentleman had spent so much time listening and looking for the right movie I just couldn't tell him that I didn't want it so I politely thanked "Kurt" and walked out of the store with Legion, and sour apple candy straws (because you have to have those on movie nights!) :)

Okay, so here's the funniest part of the whole thing. Kurt pretty much nailed it.

Because, here's something I didn't mention to Kurt. ...since having little Clara I've tried to even be more cautious about what I watch and look for movies that have happy endings ,and positive messages.

Well, let me give you a brief synopsis of Legion. It's about the apocalypse kindof, but God has finally decided he's going to destroy the earth and michael his archangel tries to convince Him otherwise.So, Michael goes to earth to try and fight with the humans against the forces God sends to destroy the earth. Sounds amazing huh, haha....anyways...while this was technically not a christian movie in any sense of the word and deffinitely not scripturally acurate let me quote you one scene of the movie.

Michael and Gabriel are talking in Heaven

Michael: "All God's ever told us to do was love the people from the beginning of them through their greed, their lust, their murderous love love His people."

WhAt?!?!? Did michael really just say that??? Yes, yes he did my friends.

So, to end this story, I think Kurt may have found me the only movie in Blockbuster with that message....and he pulled it right from the "horror" section.

Well done Kurt...well done.

P.S. In no way do I think anyone should actually go and rent this movie but it just made me laugh that  that was the movie's central theme! :)

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Melanie said...

I hate scary movies. My husband will watch horror flicks and then tell me he is convicted of letting the kids dress up for Trick or Treat. Funny post!

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