Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Want to see the worst birthday gift idea ever?

It was Cerner Days and Dave decided Clara needed this awesome megaphone dealeo - Good in theory...and awful actually lol!!

I have gotten the privelage to hear her "talking" through this megaphone all day every day...I think maybe Dave had a hidden agenda here. :) No, but and with Christmas just around the corner I thought I'd let you all know a megaphone for a two year old is probably not the best idea. And as are welcome. ;)

However, on a serious note...How cute are these guys???

Okay so that wasn't serious at all but aren't they adorable!! So as I mentioned, a certain lady had a birthday party on the agenda...

And...that is all I can show you about the little miss's bday. It has literally taken me about 2 days to download those pictures so once I get this computer situation figured out I will be back to continuing that awesome story. :)

Until then...I'm glad you got to read me.


My best friend in high school always said "I'm glad you got to see me" so do you see what I did there??

Okay, and now I'm really done.


okay now.



Kelsey said...

I LOVE the little "Bobs" HE is cute and very yummy!!!

Amy said...

Yes, agreed - the little Bobs were soooo cute!! Seriously her party was so fun - and cute!! Happy B-Day Miss Clara!

Marcus + Jenilee said...

Love the update!! Haha "I'm glad you got to read me!" LOL. Seriously, I'm sitting at home laughing out loud. Miss you! :( Clara is SO big!!!!! She is such a doll!! We need to find a time to get together! xoxo ()()()

kayla said...

Those "BOBS" are cute!! Can't wait to see more from her veggie tale bday!!

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