Sunday, November 13, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

I was the "Santa isn't real" to all my friends type-of-friend because we opened presents on Christmas Eve and my parent's never came up with a creative way to explain why our presents arrived before everyone else's so they always said..."I'm sorry girls, Santa is just pretend but we can still take pictures with him at the mall." lol - Awesome. Can't wait.
Actually though, that in turn made me think of myself as a smarty smarty pants because everyone else thought he was real but I knew the truth. :)

Dave on the other hand, I think still believes Santa exists.

We have came to a secret family comprimise on this issue for Clara Bear though so don't worry. :)

However, one thing we TOTALLY agree on is that we want Clara to learn that Christmas is a great time to help others who are less fortunate.

Enter Operation Christmas Child.

Okay, I have to interrupt this blog post about an awesome AWESOME charity because I just can't take my computer.

I asked it to download 7...that's all...7! pictures and let it have all night. I woke up this morning to find out it had managed to download one and is with a sad face I'm going to wait to blog again until I get my new computer. (And since we are on the Dave Ramsey plan this may be a while people lol) :) However I hope until then....I'll close with this last post about our day with Operation Christmas Child.

Clara was SO excited to help pack boxes for the kids in Africa as you can see from the ONE (which was supposed to be 7 pictures) above (thanks again piece of poop dell computer). She was running around filling her box with mainly princess pencil's and candy...She's got her priorities ;) and then she colored pictures for the kids and left her address so they could write her back if they wanted too. There was just so much awesome energy in the room, K-Love was there handing out prizes and you know chic-fil-A showed up and next year EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHO I KNOW HAS TO COME ALONG. :) (I'm sorry I invited 0 people this time but I found out about it at midnight the night before). Oh, and as I mentioned, Chic-Fil-A was there and Clara hit her first milestone. She gave the cow a high five!!!!! Seriously, I normally have to like completely smother her in my coat if he enters the restuarant because she starts hysterically crying when she see's him but not this day...not operation christmas child day...NOPE my pumpkin pants marched right up and gave that heifer a high five!! :) I LOVE IT!

So,anyways... after an awesome morning of learning about loving kids across the world and telling her that we have a special opportunity to help, etc, etc....I was so excited for her to get home and tell Daddy all that she'd done that morning.

Let me give you a snapshot of what that looked like.

Mommy: (whispering in Clara's ear) - "Sweetheart, go tell daddy all about your morning and how you helped pack boxes of presents for the kids who otherwise wouldn't get presents like you and me."

Clara excitedly runs to daddy.


(Sigh) I guess some lessons will just need to be re-taught when she's a bit older. :)

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Amy said...

HAHAHA!!! I LOVE it!! Go Clara!! So adorable. I love that girl. Okay and side note Amber - you can't stop blogging because you always make me laugh and lift my spirits - just post without pictures!! :) Oh and also, great lesson teaching with Clara... if we would have known about that, we totally would have been there!! (I think I heard it on K-Love and then didn't remember when it was!) Boo. :)

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