Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From the BIG GIRL BED of Clara Grace

Hi Everyone!!!!!

That's right...you read that title correctly! I've been moooovin' on up to a big girl bed since my birthday partay!

I no longer report from "me crib"
Nope, cribs are old news for this veteran reporter!

Here it is...yep I've been sleeping here for 3 months and this is the only picture my mom had...moms...can't live with them, can't get your diaper changed without them. lol haha jk mommy! :)

It's been a while but I thought I'd give you the "low down on what's been up."

First of all...

I have really enjoyed singing lately! I'm telling you, Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, Sesame Street, you name it; I sing it. I have randomly started yell-singing "BE PREPARED" (Scar's song) at everyone who enters our house. Mom seems to not appreciate this and prefer I just say "Hi!" to all our guests. She has also mentioned posibly singing it a "bit more quietly" but I still haven't understood the problem?!? That's how Scar sings it right!?!

I've also seen ALOT of friends lately. Oh boy...let's see.  

Here's me and Leah

It looks like we were having a terrible time but I assure you we weren't lol.

This was me and "Elli" on Halloween!

In case you were wondering...I was a 'princess-ballerina-who-often-wears-oversized-cardigans.' (I love that cardigan though and the person who gave it to me sooo much! ;)

Here's me in the bathtub with my friends sade and Gracie! (Pretty self-explanatory lol)

Laughing with Elli

Dancing with Elli

Playing a little tune with Abby...

 (P.S Mom wants you to know that this picture makes her cry - she always dreamed she'd have a daughter who loved piano too and I love it quite a bit already)

And something you may not know I enjoy doing...



"Hey Nana...what's my name"

hahaha. :)

No, I'm not really sure what I was saying but Grace had the idea of taking off her clothes during our Christmas Eve party and I thought I'd join her!! Why not right!?!

Okay, so I'm sure most people besides grandparent's and friends mentioned are a bit bored with this post but hey...it's been a while since my last report!

So, until we meet again...I've got a carriage waiting.

Catch you on the flipside! :)

Love, Clara


Amy said...

Hahaha!! LOVE it Clara Grace!! We had an awesome time at the Christmas Eve party - still wondering why no one else joined us?! I miss you!! - Love GGB :)

Sandra Koll said...

Clara Grace's hair is so long! Thanks for some pic updates!

Tracy said...

You are a brave soul...my girls are 3 and still in cribs...not ready for that level of insanity yet. :) LOVE the update...it seems like it's been awhile. :)

Kelsey said...

Clara, I'm so proud of you for being in your big girl bed! Go YOU!!! Love you, Auntie Kelsey :)

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