Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hey what's up 2012...I got a new computer!

(insert big hugs to dave and his family!)

It's weird to be able to blog again.

Now I kindof don't know what to say.

My friend gave us a desk and I promptly put my computer and printer on it and now it's just sitting here taking me to hotmail or "19 kids and counting episodes" every day lol. Blogger has seemed less appealing but I'll give this first 2012 post a try and see how it goes.

I think I'm going to write about being "tough." Okay...that sounds good. Being "tough" it is.

I don't mean the type of tough like "oh a dodge ball just hit me in the face at around 20 mph and I'm SO not going to cry" (True story. 6th grade...worst pain of my life)

I mean mentally STRONG. Sound minded. Wiping away a tear and getting back to work.

Last year something jumped off the page at me and felt as if the message was directly for me this year. I was reading about Peter (the fisherman) and for the first time I realized that the day after they laid Jesus in the grave (his best friend, his confidant, his everything for the past 3 years) you would have found him back at the docks working on his boat.Fishing. He fished the day after his best friend was brutally murdered. He knew he had a job to do and he did it. I really felt the message "Things will be very hard in this life but I always expect you to get back to work."

So 2012 is my chance to prove I can do this.

Sometimes such sad things happen around me I feel like it takes me out of commission for several weeks before I can pick myself up. I hate that on Sunday's I may sit by a friend who's husband is being terrible to her, or for 6 months hurt for my friend who desperately wanted a baby, or the week last year I completely shut down realizing it was the time my precious little #2 was supposed to be born.

Those things put me out of commission and while it is completely normal to be sad and hurt I want to be "tough" with my Jesus, strong, sound-minded and ready to keep walking, keep believing and keep trusting it will all be made right...that all will be made new in the future.


Unbelievably (difficult)

I made that up-can you tell lol? I'm not really sure it makes sense but I'll go with it. And we'll pretend tough has a silent "D" mmmk?

Sometimes getting up in the morning seems like a an unbelievably difficult goal just because of what you went to sleep too the night before...that's kindof what I was going for there. I think happily is another part that helps spell tough. I had this funny vision once of me (a disciple) kicking up dust with each step as I followed Jesus through Jeruselem. I think that vision might have been a sign...I've done my fair share of "dust kicking" in my day. Shoot. I mean being "willing" is one thing...being "willing without an attitude" is entirely different.

Okay, so this was short but fun. I have much more to add to that, but for now I think I'll keep this nice and brief. And don't are coming, but I can't figure out my free camera I got from waiting in line at Old Navy on Black Friday. Oh the technical difficulties I've faced these past few months lol. I felt like I would have made Dave Ramsey so proud though, freezing my buns off to save money on a camera. I'm hoping Dave's dad can help me set it up this weekend!

I almost gave it to the lady two people behind me because she seemed nice and missed out by one person, but then she pushed me to get to the scarves and I realized I made a good decision in keeping it. ;)



Amy said...

I love this, Amber. I definitely see you as a "tough with Jesus" girl. You're awesome, and I'm blessed to call you friend!!

Kelsey said...

I'm so glad you're back in the blogging world! Great post for 2012 - I'm impressed! You're a God Girl for sure!! :)

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