Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Day I Couldn't Tell If I Was....

Obsessed with "The Hunger Games"....

Thought I was in "The Hunger Games"....

Or actually believed myself to have morphed into "Katniss."

(I would probably encourage anyone who has no idea about this book to stop reading now because I promise it will make no sense..just an FYI for you)

Everyone told me to read this darn book but me, being completely stubborn, thought I would rise above the "hype."

I've never been one to do that but for some reason I thought that....this time...this book...would not make me all crazy-like for itself and the charachters.

I was probably the first person in line for the Twilight book, and then the movies and now own the whole lot of them. In fact, Dave's only competition to date has been Edward Cullen. But I only like him in vampire form so Dave know's he's safe. :) haha..anyways...

Okay, so you see my resolve to try and not read these books.

But then my darn cutie patutie sister..

(oh yes, and you didn't think I'd pass up an opportunity to showcase my cutie patutie daughter too did you? :))

...sent me these books for my birthday!!!


It's like she's literally trying to kill me!!!

Amber's thoughts: Can I really afford to fall in love with Peeta and Gale too after all Dave's been through with Edward?

Amber's thoughts: No.No I can't. And not to mention the heartache of going through everything with the charachters and the time suck of it all and the fact I'm 29 now and supposed to be maturing with age in wisdom and stature and....!?!?


So. Let's all guess the end of this.

I'll give you a hint.

 I am 2 books in and dreaming about firebombs and being hungry and trying to survive and save my family all the while trying not toget eaten by the wolves that look like people.

I should warn Dave that if me and Clara are completely dressed in camoflauge when he gets home from work tonight to not be alarmed....

We'll simply be Katniss...

and Katniss 2 (because I"m not sure how else Clara could fit into the book) :)

Yep...There we are...The Girl Tributes

We do this for our families survival people.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'd Be Happy To!

You all know my obsession with the duggars.
(For those of you who don't like them and think they are a bit crazy, I get that too but I think you may still enjoy this game I'm about to tell you about.) ;)

I'd like to clarify my obsession with Mrs. Duggar, is more in the amazing ability she has to remain happy while raising 309 children.

That fascinates me.

So, I bought the book and am finding even more secrets to her success in this area.

Happy, obedient children is my goal! :)

Let me share with you all the new game we tried which she details in her book...

It's called, "I'd be happy to!"

It is supposed to help children learn obedience in a fun way.

Obedience is "3 fold."

It should be done immediately,

It should be done happily.

It should be done completely.

So, me and Dave tell clara we're going to play a BRAND NEW REALLY FUN GAME!

We all sit in a circle and start with daddy. Me and Clara think up a fun thing for daddy to do. So our first request..."Daddy, go to the tile and spin in a circle and then run back to us and sit down." Dave responds. "Okay, I'd be happy to!" (Daddy runs, spins on tile and returns)

We all clap lol. See...much fun to be had already. :)

That's the name of the game folks.

Now, here's where our secret agenda comes in, Clara waits excitedly for her instructions and as we give them to her, she hops up and yells "K, I happy tooooooo!" (Does instructions and returns)

See..we're teaching obedience and having fun!! WOHOO! WIN. WIN.

We seriously played this for like 15 minutes with each of us getting our instructions and then saying "I'd be happy tooooo!"

Okay, So the game ends and we all return to our regularly scheduled programming for the evening. Dave pretends to be "Scar" and clara runs laugh-screaming into my arms for the rest of the evening. (Or she makes daddy Rafiki in which he has to hold her up in the air like in the beginning of the Lion King). There are just many "disney recreations" happening at the "G's" right now. :)

Here she is in her "lion mane" (Yes, those are the bottoms of jammie pants in case you were wondering)

Anyways, I wasn't sure how successful this game was until the next morning.

I was in the toy room and asked Clara to run and get my cell phone from the stairs and bring it to me. She pops up.


I seriously almost tinkeled in my pants!! It worked and I wasn't even thinking about the game.

So, we still have much to work on but that was an awesome start for our baby lioness for sure!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Little Negotiator

Clara Grace is learning fast the ways of the world lol.

She is 27 months old and finding out loopholes in my parenting "system."

For example, yesterday before supper.

I'd gotten down on my knees to her level so I could have a conversation with my increasingly impatient sugarbuns.

Mommy: "Clara, I understand that you are hungry but you will need to wait 5 minutes before mommy is finished making the spaghetti."

Clara: "I'm hungrrrryyy!" (while pushing mommy's face away from her's)

Mommy: "Oh no, ma'am. We do not push mommy and you need to say you are sorry or have to sit in time out."

Clara: "Okay, I'm sorry."

Mommy: "Thank youuuu!! I'm so proud of you big girl!!!! Thank you for saying you are sorry and now supper is almost ready so let's sit in our seat!!"

I proceed to sit her in her high chair as I hear her quietly say before I tell you what she says, I will let you know she hardly EVER uses full sentences yet so you can imagine my surprise when she looks at me and says...

Clara: "Mommy, I not sorry anymore."


Where did that come from????

Now what was I supposed to do??? This isn't covered in parenting books...or at least any I've seen or read!!??!!

So, I gently asked her to repeat what she said, just to make sure I'd heard her correctly and sure enough...

Clara: "I NOT SORRY ANYMORE." (More clearly and loudly this time)

So, I did what any good parent would do and pretended I didn't hear her. :)

Seriously though, I couldn't believe she'd just outsmarted her mom by avoiding the time out and then stating her true feelings once she was safely seated in her high chair.

What a stinker bear!!!!!

I'm going to have to find a new approach for this smartysmartypants! :)

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