Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Day I Couldn't Tell If I Was....

Obsessed with "The Hunger Games"....

Thought I was in "The Hunger Games"....

Or actually believed myself to have morphed into "Katniss."

(I would probably encourage anyone who has no idea about this book to stop reading now because I promise it will make no sense..just an FYI for you)

Everyone told me to read this darn book but me, being completely stubborn, thought I would rise above the "hype."

I've never been one to do that but for some reason I thought that....this time...this book...would not make me all crazy-like for itself and the charachters.

I was probably the first person in line for the Twilight book, and then the movies and now own the whole lot of them. In fact, Dave's only competition to date has been Edward Cullen. But I only like him in vampire form so Dave know's he's safe. :) haha..anyways...

Okay, so you see my resolve to try and not read these books.

But then my darn cutie patutie sister..

(oh yes, and you didn't think I'd pass up an opportunity to showcase my cutie patutie daughter too did you? :))

...sent me these books for my birthday!!!


It's like she's literally trying to kill me!!!

Amber's thoughts: Can I really afford to fall in love with Peeta and Gale too after all Dave's been through with Edward?

Amber's thoughts: No.No I can't. And not to mention the heartache of going through everything with the charachters and the time suck of it all and the fact I'm 29 now and supposed to be maturing with age in wisdom and stature and....!?!?


So. Let's all guess the end of this.

I'll give you a hint.

 I am 2 books in and dreaming about firebombs and being hungry and trying to survive and save my family all the while trying not toget eaten by the wolves that look like people.

I should warn Dave that if me and Clara are completely dressed in camoflauge when he gets home from work tonight to not be alarmed....

We'll simply be Katniss...

and Katniss 2 (because I"m not sure how else Clara could fit into the book) :)

Yep...There we are...The Girl Tributes

We do this for our families survival people.



*Light* said...

This gives me great joy:) Oh, you know when you are studying for the seven and have dreams about options formulas? Well ive been in the hunger games sevearl times now... :)

OH, dont say i didnt warn you in the front cover i told you to get the second book before you started the first did i not?


pss. did i tell you a guy in my class thought i was married to robert patterson?!? that made my year..

Tracy said...

Ok so...that pic I am guessing is for the upcoming movie? I have a slight issue that Peeta looks more buff than Gale...maybe it's just the way he's holding his arms...ok yeah...I'm reading them too...halfway thru #2...*sigh* I'm hopeless too. ;)

Amy said...

Oh Miss Amber, once again you have succeeded in making my heart full of laughter... I just love you.

*Light* said...

@ Tracy-

I think they did that cause hes the bakers son and was in a higher class then Gale, plus Gale works to feed his family and puts them first, so i think that probly why they did that, more nurished:)

Tracy said...

Could be...totally not what I would have pictured for the character though...yes, higher class with being a baker's son, but always kinda pictured him as "weaker" than Gale...granted he could pick up and throw large bags of flour soo.... :) Yeah I'm nit-picking. :)

*Light* said...

LOL...very have to know that i watched the trailer long before i read the books so my image was tainted lol....i will let your imagination be haha

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