Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Little Negotiator

Clara Grace is learning fast the ways of the world lol.

She is 27 months old and finding out loopholes in my parenting "system."

For example, yesterday before supper.

I'd gotten down on my knees to her level so I could have a conversation with my increasingly impatient sugarbuns.

Mommy: "Clara, I understand that you are hungry but you will need to wait 5 minutes before mommy is finished making the spaghetti."

Clara: "I'm hungrrrryyy!" (while pushing mommy's face away from her's)

Mommy: "Oh no, ma'am. We do not push mommy and you need to say you are sorry or have to sit in time out."

Clara: "Okay, I'm sorry."

Mommy: "Thank youuuu!! I'm so proud of you big girl!!!! Thank you for saying you are sorry and now supper is almost ready so let's sit in our seat!!"

I proceed to sit her in her high chair as I hear her quietly say before I tell you what she says, I will let you know she hardly EVER uses full sentences yet so you can imagine my surprise when she looks at me and says...

Clara: "Mommy, I not sorry anymore."


Where did that come from????

Now what was I supposed to do??? This isn't covered in parenting books...or at least any I've seen or read!!??!!

So, I gently asked her to repeat what she said, just to make sure I'd heard her correctly and sure enough...

Clara: "I NOT SORRY ANYMORE." (More clearly and loudly this time)

So, I did what any good parent would do and pretended I didn't hear her. :)

Seriously though, I couldn't believe she'd just outsmarted her mom by avoiding the time out and then stating her true feelings once she was safely seated in her high chair.

What a stinker bear!!!!!

I'm going to have to find a new approach for this smartysmartypants! :)

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