Saturday, March 31, 2012

SD + 8 pounds = Me


We just got back from San Diego.

It was crazy fun but I'm pretty sure I put on 8 lb's in 6 days.

It might be partly due to this guy.

You are looking at the "world famous Richard Walker Apple Pancake."

It's like 2 lbs of butter, cinnamon, apples, cream and sugar.

And... I have the recipe! (So, if you're really nice to me I may share it with you) :) That's always a good way to make friends right? You probably can just get it online though lol.

It's the best thing I've ever ate in my whole life. I am not exaggerating. I wish I were because I'm certain it set me back two months of "shredding" with Jillian Michaels but I will treasure eating it forever lol.

Moving on....

We also ate

(My attempt at an artistic'd I do Kelsey??)


And...more Fishies

I guess more correctly we ate sushi but I've never had anything other than California Rolls and this was SO FAR out of my comfort zone! Seriously, by the 6th plate I had no idea what was even happening but I'm pretty sure the little guys were moving on the plate. Dave was having WAY too much fun ordering for me!!Eeeek!

At least I'm alive...I was truly certain little fish were going to start swimming out of my ears.

This picture is proof that I did the most adventurous eating of my life.
I'm going to frame it...

Not kidding.

So, that's what is going on with the whole "pants not fitting situation" but I just thought I'd give you a little glimpse into what my tummy got to do on the trip...

...that's a new angle I'd never tried writing from before and felt it time lol.


As promised...

Our little beach/shopping/tiajuana disaster-adventure.:)

P.S. Was this post boring?

Medium yes??

I'm sorry I don't care...I loved that pancake and my brave fish eating self and think you all needed to know about it lol :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Panties On Her Head

So, a long time ago I wrote a post called

This one has nothing to do with that one, but thought it had a similar ring... :)

But what this story really is about is Me and Ms. Clara heading to Target today to get a few things.

(ohp, there she is..and my messy kitchen lol)
Me and Dave are leaving for San Diego tomorrow morning and I hadn't packed as of 11 a.m. So what's a girl to do? Continue avoiding that task and head to Target pretending like there are things you may need for the trip but have forgotten. (We were there as of 8 the night before but who's counting?) :)

So, Target it was and as I was busy filling my cart with things I knew I would have to give the girl at the checkout counter back because I totally wasn't actually going to be able to justify buying them, but as I did that decided to stop at the,


lingerie the fancy might say lol :)

I'll just leave it at that because I know I've already said too much for the grandparents who read this!!


I found something "SanDiegoie" for the trip because I figured everyone there probably wore hot colors, like hot yellow and pinks and I didn't have any ya know, hot pink under garments, okay so now I'm really stopping talking about the particulars.:)

Okay, so we're having lots of fun and I'm not paying much attention to my pumpkin in the back of the cart with our things when all of a sudden I look over and what do you think I saw?

Ms. Clara, sporting my new hot pink panties...on her head...smiling from ear to ear. :)

How long was she wearing those?

No idea.

How many people passed by me wondering about my parenting?

Probably everyone.

How many shoppers most likely suspected me not to have a reputable day job of stay-at-home mommy?

Again, probably most of them.

Okay, so after as non-chalantly as possible removing my bright flashy undergarments from my daughter's head, I simply headed to the check out counter to pay for the culprits.

(And, for my friends that know, this post was actually written last Wednesday so you can bet you're going to get some fun San Diego stories in the next few favorite; being stuck by the Tiajuana border in the rain without a Taxi. :))

(See...I wasn't kidding...lost without an umbrella!)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sulfur Treatment

I'm about to show you a really hot picture of myself lol


Told you...

Sorry world; this girls' married lol.

Okay, but in all seriousness let me tell you why I'm showing you this.

I got a free sample of Olay PROxclear


Nothing says exciting like the idea of burning the outer layer of skin off your face.

I also don't really have acne, but tonight I felt that undeniable pain in the left side of my know the one. Where you know what's coming and it's going to be a rough rest of your week trying to cover him.


I wanted to show you the picture so you knew I wasn't bluffing.

I really rubbed burning sulfur on my face.

Here's the didn't hurt!!

However, it did smell like my face would burst into flames any moment but that would just make me more like Katniss right!?!?!


(I'm so sorry because I really should stop talking about The Hunger Games, but we're like 10 days from opening night so you'll have to bear with me a bit longer I'm afraid...)

Okay, so you may notice Dave's half face in the 1st picture - That's because we were both dying to know if this really worked. This treatment claimed it would pull all acne to the surface within 10 minutes but how many times do you read that???

Okay, so we waited...and waited...and BAM. Rinse time!

Oh boy, I can just feel the excitement and tension building on the other side of the this computer screen!! (haha...just kidding) ;)

Results = Grosseness

Yep, it worked.

Not even kidding.

And no, don't worry, I didn't take a picture of that because seriously who wants to see that??

But, even Dave was like, "HOLY COW!"

I'm telling you was a magical moment. :)

Okay, but in all seriousness, I just had to share this with anyone who looks for medication like this because it was too exciting not too...right!?!?

So that's the end of my kindof weird TMI post, but trust me, you'll all thank me next time you get one of those little guys you just need to go away immediately!!! :)

~  Amber  ~

Disclaimer: Please do not hate me Kendri.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Christopher Robin & Chicken Nuggets

Clara's two favorite things.

She likes him.

And she likes these.

(And yes, McDonald's is her preferred place to get the nuggets Erin lol ;) )

And I have no idea if this post will at all be entertaining to anyone but me and Dave, however I do not want to forget this phase in her sweet little life so I'm writing about it. :)

This all started because Grandma got her a sweet car...

which she prefers to ride pantless in apparently lol...

I think somehow this gift mentally shifted her into 16 yr old gear.

I swear to you!

She took off in that thing the first time it was in our driveway with her friend Sadie and informed us all she was going shopping lol!

So, yes...I believe that's how it began.

She then received another gift shortly after from Papa and Grandma (She's the only grandchild on both sides and I can see you all smiling and nodding your heads with understanding now. She's a wee bit spoiled....) :)

Anyways...Winnie the pooh was given and of course it wasn't an instant hit (she was still recovering from Mufasa's death by "Scarf"...I haven't figured out why but that is what she calls him...the noun also used to describe women's outerwear?? :)

So...about 3 months pass and we decide to give "Winnie-The-Pooh" another try. This time...this time she fell in love.

I mean the crush of all crushes.

She sings the "Winnie-The-Pooh" theme song no less than 25 times a day.

She reads books to her babies and all you will hear her say is "Chrisower Wobin eating Chickin Nuggets" over and over (because that's her other love of course)

And, a couple nights ago we went into the Chic-fil-A playplace and there were four boys climbing up the slide; she literally yelled..."CHRISOWER WOBINS!"

So yes, you can see we will actually need to have that conversation with her...that not all boys are named Christopher Robin.

That darn barbie mustang has opened up a little part of her heart I wasn't prepared to deal least not until she hit 16, and as Dave swears will not acknowledge until she's 40. it is 9:48 which is WAY past my bed time, I'm going to close for now, but I will promise to fill you all in about the chicken nuggets in the next post.

Que music: Deep in the hundred acre woods....:)

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