Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Christopher Robin & Chicken Nuggets

Clara's two favorite things.

She likes him.

And she likes these.

(And yes, McDonald's is her preferred place to get the nuggets Erin lol ;) )

And I have no idea if this post will at all be entertaining to anyone but me and Dave, however I do not want to forget this phase in her sweet little life so I'm writing about it. :)

This all started because Grandma got her a sweet car...

which she prefers to ride pantless in apparently lol...

I think somehow this gift mentally shifted her into 16 yr old gear.

I swear to you!

She took off in that thing the first time it was in our driveway with her friend Sadie and informed us all she was going shopping lol!

So, yes...I believe that's how it began.

She then received another gift shortly after from Papa and Grandma (She's the only grandchild on both sides and I can see you all smiling and nodding your heads with understanding now. She's a wee bit spoiled....) :)

Anyways...Winnie the pooh was given and of course it wasn't an instant hit (she was still recovering from Mufasa's death by "Scarf"...I haven't figured out why but that is what she calls him...the noun also used to describe women's outerwear?? :)

So...about 3 months pass and we decide to give "Winnie-The-Pooh" another try. This time...this time she fell in love.

I mean the crush of all crushes.

She sings the "Winnie-The-Pooh" theme song no less than 25 times a day.

She reads books to her babies and all you will hear her say is "Chrisower Wobin eating Chickin Nuggets" over and over (because that's her other love of course)

And, a couple nights ago we went into the Chic-fil-A playplace and there were four boys climbing up the slide; she literally yelled..."CHRISOWER WOBINS!"

So yes, you can see we will actually need to have that conversation with her...that not all boys are named Christopher Robin.

That darn barbie mustang has opened up a little part of her heart I wasn't prepared to deal with..at least not until she hit 16, and as Dave swears will not acknowledge until she's 40.

However...as it is 9:48 which is WAY past my bed time, I'm going to close for now, but I will promise to fill you all in about the chicken nuggets in the next post.

Que music: Deep in the hundred acre woods....:)


Amy said...

HA!!! Love this Amber... love that sweet little Clara too. :)

Kelsey said...

Love that sweet child of yours! She never fails to bring a smile to my face!

Marcus + Jenilee said...

LOVE THIS POST!!! AND I heart McDonald Chickie nuggets too!!! :) Misss youuuu!

Tracy said...

My girls are loving the Pooh thing too, depending on what version of Pooh you are watching I highly recommend the newest one that came out last year...it's great, and the music by Zooey Deschanel is wonderful, the girls sing it all day long :)

2ndly I do in fact know a man named Christopher Robbins...and yes, his parents did it on purpose...we asked. :)

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