Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Panties On Her Head

So, a long time ago I wrote a post called

This one has nothing to do with that one, but thought it had a similar ring... :)

But what this story really is about is Me and Ms. Clara heading to Target today to get a few things.

(ohp, there she is..and my messy kitchen lol)
Me and Dave are leaving for San Diego tomorrow morning and I hadn't packed as of 11 a.m. So what's a girl to do? Continue avoiding that task and head to Target pretending like there are things you may need for the trip but have forgotten. (We were there as of 8 the night before but who's counting?) :)

So, Target it was and as I was busy filling my cart with things I knew I would have to give the girl at the checkout counter back because I totally wasn't actually going to be able to justify buying them, but as I did that decided to stop at the,



...as the fancy might say lol :)

I'll just leave it at that because I know I've already said too much for the grandparents who read this!!


I found something "SanDiegoie" for the trip because I figured everyone there probably wore hot colors, like hot yellow and pinks and I didn't have any ya know, hot pink under garments, okay so now I'm really stopping talking about the particulars.:)

Okay, so we're having lots of fun and I'm not paying much attention to my pumpkin in the back of the cart with our things when all of a sudden I look over and what do you think I saw?

Ms. Clara, sporting my new hot pink panties...on her head...smiling from ear to ear. :)

How long was she wearing those?

No idea.

How many people passed by me wondering about my parenting?

Probably everyone.

How many shoppers most likely suspected me not to have a reputable day job of stay-at-home mommy?

Again, probably most of them.

Okay, so after as non-chalantly as possible removing my bright flashy undergarments from my daughter's head, I simply headed to the check out counter to pay for the culprits.

(And, for my friends that know, this post was actually written last Wednesday so you can bet you're going to get some fun San Diego stories in the next few days...my favorite; being stuck by the Tiajuana border in the rain without a Taxi. :))

(See...I wasn't kidding...lost without an umbrella!)

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