Saturday, March 31, 2012

SD + 8 pounds = Me


We just got back from San Diego.

It was crazy fun but I'm pretty sure I put on 8 lb's in 6 days.

It might be partly due to this guy.

You are looking at the "world famous Richard Walker Apple Pancake."

It's like 2 lbs of butter, cinnamon, apples, cream and sugar.

And... I have the recipe! (So, if you're really nice to me I may share it with you) :) That's always a good way to make friends right? You probably can just get it online though lol.

It's the best thing I've ever ate in my whole life. I am not exaggerating. I wish I were because I'm certain it set me back two months of "shredding" with Jillian Michaels but I will treasure eating it forever lol.

Moving on....

We also ate

(My attempt at an artistic'd I do Kelsey??)


And...more Fishies

I guess more correctly we ate sushi but I've never had anything other than California Rolls and this was SO FAR out of my comfort zone! Seriously, by the 6th plate I had no idea what was even happening but I'm pretty sure the little guys were moving on the plate. Dave was having WAY too much fun ordering for me!!Eeeek!

At least I'm alive...I was truly certain little fish were going to start swimming out of my ears.

This picture is proof that I did the most adventurous eating of my life.
I'm going to frame it...

Not kidding.

So, that's what is going on with the whole "pants not fitting situation" but I just thought I'd give you a little glimpse into what my tummy got to do on the trip...

...that's a new angle I'd never tried writing from before and felt it time lol.


As promised...

Our little beach/shopping/tiajuana disaster-adventure.:)

P.S. Was this post boring?

Medium yes??

I'm sorry I don't care...I loved that pancake and my brave fish eating self and think you all needed to know about it lol :)


*Light* said...

Im pretty sure this was 10 times less boring that talking about how mean your sister was on april fools i appreciate this post:)

Amy said...

I love it!!! Yeah for Sushi! Way to be brave girl. :) Love the pic of you and Dave... that seriously should be framed. Not only for the story and experience, but for how seriously cute you guys are. :)

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