Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Blessing

We're feeling the "two's" over here at our house. :)

That little precious face is not always as innocent as she appears.

In fact, on that particular occasion, half her morning was spent on ms. Gracie's steps crying because she wanted to swing. (However, she'd been swinging well over 15 minutes and hadn't shared once so I had to explain that as fun as it is to have every single other person at the party push you...you have to share sitting on the swing from time to time).

She didn't like that one bit.

On this particular occasion, it was Spring Fest at our church and there were blow up slides everywhere...blow up slides to Clara are like Diet Dr. Peppers are to me...can't.get.enough.

However, there were lines and this sugar just couldn't handle waiting. So much so, that the poor young kids managing the slide physically climbed in and placed her at the end of the line after she'd cut...I heard...3 times. Uh oh. That resulted in a very sad baby girl as well...I think when you're two you feel rules don't apply to you. :)

But luckily we found a good alternative without a line!

That is just one of several instances. There was the time she bit my finger because she didn't want her face wiped, or the day she pushed her friend into the wall for no apparent reason or how she now loves to say, "Yes we can!" in direct opposition to most things we tell her we can't do, exp: "It's 8:30 at night sweetheart and we can't possibly go to the park this late." Clara's response. "YES WE CAN!" (And my friend Meg pointed out this is similar to a recent campaign slogan for a certain president in office right now lol - but I can assure you she has no political affiliation at 2). :)

However, I was washing the dishes last week and it hit me.

"If I'm not seeing her as a blessing all the time, I'm not seeing her right."

I know gramatically that sentence feels 'off ' but I know Who it came from and understood it loud and clear.

She is my blessing...when she bites my finger.

She is my blessing...when she pushes her friends.

She is my blessing...when she just.won't.share.

She is my blessing...every moment of every day.

And continuing on...

She is my blessing...when she sneaks out of the house as a teenager.

She is my blessing...when she lies to me about "where she was last night."

She is my blessing...when I hear she cheated on a test from her teacher.

And, I know this may be a bit premature, but if I lose sight of my blessing at 2, then I surely will lose sight when she's 17.

I want you all to hear - I love her excruciatingly and would die for her any moment of any day.

But, you know when I say "thank-you" for her...I always say it when I sneak into her room and see her snuggled in her big girl bed each night. That's when I tell God thank-you...but somehow, someway it seemed like He was saying I need to be thankful during all the other moments as well...because she is a healthy, thriving 2 year old with the kindest heart I've ever seen.

So, this week I've been trying and I love it.

It's a challenge but I'm working on it.

Because this lesson was for me...not so much for her.

When she's crying..."thank you for my daughter's sensitive heart."

When she's fighting..."thank you for her independence (that I will need help channeling as she gets older lol).

When she's just downright being a 2 year old..."thank you,thank you, thank you Jesus for the precious little girl doctors told me I couldn't have."


Allison said...

Amen sister, we are feeling this big time at our house too, it's hard and amazing all at the same time, so thankful for our little toddler blessings!

Amy said...

Oh, Amber I love this so much. It's so, so true!! Thank you Jesus for our precious little gifts.

mama brehm said...

Amber- I often say to Adam, "It's so hard because I can't stop caring". Every day I question if I'm doing everything for the boys that I can and if they are going to be good people. All we can do is be the parents we were meant to be and let go, and let God. And also, you're so not alone...we say B is a sour patch kid...first he's sour, then he's sweet... it's just like us adults...we just manage our emotions better because society expects us to:).

~Ashley said...

Such a great reminder, Am. Love you guys, your blessing, and mine!

Kelsey said...

I seriously just love the Guderian family! You guys are just too much!!! I LOVE YA'LL!!!

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