Friday, April 13, 2012

One Hop From Tijuana...

 One ignored taxi from the end of Dave's life...
JK :)
So let me share with you about the day I almost had to end Dave's sweet little life lol. That sounds terrible and of coarse I'm completely joking but it wasn't funny at the time. Trust me.
Up to this point we'd been busy and had had such a fun, relaxing vacay. (Now I'd be lying if I said there weren't a couple little bobbles - Dave's obsession with the Gas Lamp district and me wanting to eat anywhere but down there for the 3rd night lol) but all in all things were going pretty smoothly! :)
We'd seen Belmont Park
(which I don't really have a picture of but this wonderfully fun shot of me in a hammock from lunch lol..there were roller coasters and games and all sorts of fun stuff...)

Collected Sea Shells for Clara Bear
(and while you can barely see him Dave was down there braving the coldness of the ocean for his pumpkin!)
Laid out on the Beach
(And yes, you are looking at the most unprepared couple ever for a beach day as we had to first buy a towel and then we had to share the towel, etc but it was fun... Also, you're watching the "non-tanning-burning" taking place right before your eyes haha. :))

We biked Coronado
Boy are you guys in for a treat- it'a a video of us on the tandem bike...we really made it for Clara but I'm sure you'll enjoy it too..haha probably not but here it is anyways!

Lastly, my first real nap since like college. Woohoo!

Sorry, no pictures, but you'll just have to take my word about that wonderfulness!

Okay, so onto the day Dave almost died...

We'd heard about these great outlet malls close to the mind you that I care about labels...not at all (because Dave Ramsey will yell at you about that if you are on the money makeover plan)...but if you tell me I can buy a Coach purse for $40 it may peak my interest! :)

So, we headed down there through the transit system...first the orange train, and then the blue and then bus 608 or some such business...I'm just wanting you to get the picture that this was a looonnggg trip with a train full of "smellys."

We finally arrive and have a grand ole' time lol. Did you know that Old Navy has an outlet???Will they do and everything's like...$1. Nice. :) Anyways...I see the thunderclouds a comin' and keep begging my dear sweet husband to hurry his shopping because the last thing I want is to be caught by the border of Mexico in a torrential downpour. (I mean seriously, people keep showing up in the news with no, err...heads, about two hops south from where we were standing!?!?!?)

I like my head.

So I kept complaining. :)

Meanwhile, Dave continues ignoring me on his hunt for the "perfect sandals." So, one hour, two more hours roll by and this time it is official. There are rain clouds right on top of us and no sign of sandals.


I hear the magic words.."I like these!"

So, we pay and I'm secretly telling these Kenneth Cole sandals that they better have magical qualities about them or I will never forgive them for what they made me go through this day when...


That's right...rain drop hits my head.

Then another, then another...

and before you know it.


So, we start running towards the bus stop, and I'm crying while Dave somehow seems to be enjoying himself and the whole thing was quite confusing(and I must add that we had no umbrella's and no place to buy them in sight) so we continue running and finally reach the bus stop.

It's hard to read arrival times when you're getting pummeled by rain at this point and freezing to death so I tried to catch some relief from under a small tree by the sign as Dave lets me know that the bus stops every hour and we just missed the last one!!!.

So, I state what any logical person would state in that moment.

Amber: "Honey, we NEED a taxi. At this moment I would pay any amount just to be out of the rain!!"

Dave: "Oh no sweetheart, we're good..we'll just wait."

You see that my husband is reading "Wild At Heart" with his guy friends and had decided that this was the type of adventures men were made of, he's calmly trying to console me (in the crazy thunderstorming weather) that everything will be all right and that this is going to be a great memory some day and that hailing a taxi would simply take away from the "fun" of it all....

I tuned out somewhere around that point and simply said.

"I like my head and I'm going to find a Taxi. If I never see you again, I suppose I love you." lol - I really did but at that moment I wasn't really "feeling it" ya know? :)

So, I started running toward the closest taxi and jumped in faster than I've jumped in anything in my life. I really thought I'd finally "won" the battle when Dave jumps in behind me and tells the nice taxi-man to take us to the train stop...which starts in the OPPOSITE direction from our hotel.

At that point I gave up and simply watched as the nice man talked to us about "senoritas in Tijuana" and drove us even further from home because my man wanted an adventure. lol.

This picture was taken the moment we got to the train station one foot away from Tijuana. Somehow, Dave helped me find my smile and I suppose looking back it will be a good story for Clara. :)

And this picture??

Can you guess what Dave's carrying there??

The most precious cargo he's ever held to date (besides Clara) and he carried it all the way to the hotel like that...

his  {hopefully} magical sandals. :)

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