Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Fairytale (Somewhat)

Once there was a train engineer named Clara.
(a very serious Clara pose)

Clara spent her days working on the rails, fixing engines and such with her hardworking co-worker named Sadye.

Meet Sadye.

While she loved her job on the rails, the hours were long and sometimes she just needed a "break" in life so she decided to invest in a baby goat farm.

 She prided herself on making sure each of the goats were bottle fed and loved immensely.

However, while she loved those little goats, her heart yearned for the good 'ole days she used to spend long afternoon's riding her grandparent's horses.

So, she did what any wise train engineer would do; she bought, trained and raised thoroughbreds for the Kentucky Derby. This particular fellow however never seemed to come in any better than 5th for her.
(Chuck.E.Cheese could really be a little more lax with their horse racing games)'s where it gets interesting. This sweet story takes a turn most do not expect.

The townspeople didn't know. Her friends didn't know. Even her own family...

...while she covered as a train engineer who loved baby goats and horse racing, she was actually....

A princess!!!

Who had a particular affinity for cake balls.

(Clara is just literally like never going to love me again if she ever reads this post when she's older. Sorry sweeheart!)

She also had abnomally large feet for someone of her size and stature.

With so many secrets and quirks about her, she decided to come clean one afternoon to the townspeople, her friends and family.

To show them she was truly remorseful for lying to them for all these years, she told them she would wear only table napkins for an entire day.

While she did not enjoy that one bit, this did seem to appease her adversaries so she was able to continue with business as normal.
(She got really cold one day at the restaurant we were eating at so we asked her if she'd like us to wrap napkins around her although she was still a bit crabby about it...enter picture)

So while most would worry and fret over someone uncovering your secret identity...princess Clara slept just fine.

She sometimes sleeps in her crib still for naps (because she loves it and I don't figure it's worth an argument - I came into find this one day - her minnie and mickey holding hands waiting for her to wake up. I asked her about it after she got up and she took a biiiig sigh and said"Oh my gosh...I cwoudn't get dem to stay up there!"

So, as all good stories must come to an end I am happy to tell you what has happened to our princess. Last I heard, princess Clara sold her goats and a few racehorses and moved to a remote island where she spends her days making smores!! :)

(This girl can't get enough of her smore's lately and I can't keep her away from those little chocolate squares either lol!!!)


P.S. As most of you have probably guessed I decided to try a little more creative way to post some recent pictures for the grandparents.


Katie and Mike said...

A.Door.Able :-)

Amy said...

I love this, Amber!! Thanks for the laughs! I expect nothing less from my hilarious, incredibly gifted in creativeness friend! Give that Clare Bear a hug for me. :) PS - you are such a great mama. ;)

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