Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I am a bit scared of tornadoes (understatement of the century).

But, while I am totally scared out of my mind about them, they also fascinate me.

You probably have heard me say at one point or another "I really want to see one; just not be in one." (And to add to that - I don't want anyone else to be in the one I see either...just a nice little touchdown in a field somewhere where maybe a few trees go flying away, etc.)

I believe my very real fear developed precisely because of what occurred near the town I lived in during high school.

So, about 8 years ago, if any of you are from NE, you may remember the tornado that devastated the town of Hallam. My mom's friend Patricia was one of the people that witnessed first hand that mile-wide cyclone and she had a craaaaazy story to tell. Well, Patricia and her son Kendall were at home when it hit and they lived on an acreage about one mile south of Hallam in a beautiful new log cabin. They saw the tornado approaching and really felt as if the house may not be the best place to be because of the way their basement was set up (I believe it was more of a cellar and not very secure) so they had a decision to make...which vehicle to jump into. They made the split decision to jump into her son's truck which was a bit further down the lane with no time to change their mind. Patricia said that soon after they'd locked themselves into the truck, they literally saw the other vehicle being lifted away and thrown into a nearby lake. For what could only be described as a miracle, the vehicle they'd chosen remained steady and they both were completely unharmed...but unfortunately the house was destroyed. :(

So, this Sunday was a bit crazy with the whole tornado thing...There was a giant wall cloud that formed about 20 blocks south of us (right over some of our friend's houses...eek!). So super thankfully the funnel cloud never touched, hovering what they estimated about 200 ft above the ground but the sirens sent everyone in Olathe and Overland Park underground.

Now, naturally this was frightening for Ms.Clara but she was such a big girl and never cried one bit. We calmly tried to explain what was happening as we set up camp downstairs with sleeping bags and chairs ready for whatever the night brought on. Dave had the computer going and we were anxiously awaiting where this cloud was heading when in such a sweet small voice...

"Momma, I weally scared of tomatoes." 

It was one of the funniest/cutest things I've ever heard her say and I tried so much not to even crack a smile as she was so serious.

Somewhere in the rush and hastiness of the situation, she thought we said "Tomatoes" were outside looking to sweep us away. My poor little girl...she'll probably never be able to eat Taco's again without this fear imprinted in her mind.

However, I can only hope that me and Dave sufficiently explained to her now about the difference between "Tornado's & Tomatoes."

I bet memories from her 2nd bday party will never be the same!?!?

Some say "Tomatoe"/ "Tomato"

Our new phrase "Tomato"/ "Tornado"



Shara said...

So precious!

We had a tornado hit right behind our house last year, hop over us, and uproot 20+ enormous trees on the golf course across the street. Thankfully it happened quickly, no one was hurt, and our home was ok (minus a few shingles). Crazy, crazy day though. Not something I want to experience again!

Stephanie said...

I live in Gardner so we had a bit of a surprise when we turned on the news to hear a tornado had touched down near us...I think once it was confirmed it's the one you were talking about though. Sure was some crazy thunder and lightning that night! How sweet her saying tomato...aww. :)

Kelsey said...

I may or maynot be scared of tomatoes too! :) I just love that Clara Bear to peices!

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