Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Munching On Me

There is a spider...
(as the title says)
munching on me!!!

I'm not kidding you guys!!!

This guy

is just like eating me up every.single.night.

Except, I am assuming the spider is not made of a tootsie roll pop and pipe cleaners but the real things are just too gross and creepy to imagine and I refuse to give them any credit on this blog.

But, the sad truth remains...

My back is the sad victim to a little spiders dinner every night.

I would post pictures...but I think that's kindof grosse.

So, I'll just let your imagination run wild haha. That's fun I'm sure...an imagination running wild about spider bites covering 'mahself.'

No, but seriously...I've washed the bedding...like 3 times.

I've searched every corner of our room for the pesky sucker to no avail.

And, last but not least -as I lifted the covers again two nights ago to see if I could find the little "sucker "(literally)...

....a baby silver moth flew out.

 This, I would say, is probably him in his more natural habitat and not, um, in MY BED SHEETS!!!

Me and Dave laughed really hard at that one.

Apparently all insects, in their many shapes and sizes have decided to take up residence in my sleeping quarters!!!!

Okay, I have to end this post now as I am getting upset about it all over again and just want to imagine I am sleeping in my comfy, purple sheets with no insects.

(Disclaimer: I'd like to add that I am quite a clean person, with a clean house and that going forward all insects found inhabiting my bed will findselves a new home on the bottom of my shoe!!!!!!!!!!)


*Light* said...

I might get in trouble for posting this but nate has about 10 bites himself from the last two nights! So just know that you are not alone. He is studying for another exam and has fallen asleep on the couch twice so it might be from that but i just thought this might give you some comfort that you are not the only one getting eaten by lollipop spiders.

Katie and Mike said...

have you checked the mattress for bed bugs? I hear they live under the edging during the day. I know this is as awful as spiders (or worse) but you might have brought them home from a hotel or something {cringe}

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