Friday, July 27, 2012


I am literally surprised my head has not fallen off this month.

I'm sure it's close but thankfully all parts seem to be intact at this moment - 4:12 on Friday the 27th.

I'll keep you posted.

I mean taking care of two little ones can be REALLY tiring!! :)

~Here I am feeding Mr.Levi ~

 ~ Here I am playing with Jakey ~

 ~Here I am giving some snuggles to the little man~

~And here's the day I created a slide for all of us~

Sometimes I have to sit on this ball just to "take a breather!"

Oh yes, and did I mention this is Clara?? :)

(July 2012 has proved to be quite the crazy month for me!)

Mom helps....some...

but as this picture indicates, clearly I am doing most of the work - Can we say tired??

Thankfully me and my friend "Abs" have been on a few road trips but with this weather we just can't go far, ya' know??

Me and Mason threw some pennies in the well at our last outing, of course wishing for rain - apparently that well is broken???Weird.

But don't worry about me -

I'm just living life like a merry-go-round

having fun around every turn!!!

Until next time - this busy girl is out. :)

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