Monday, September 24, 2012

My 8 1/2 Cents

I have found a few new favorite things in 2012 and being that 3 kids are sleeping all at one time right now I thought I would share them with my 7 readers lol.
You.are.welcome. ;)
1st - L'Oreal EverPure Shampoo/Conditioner
So, here's what mother-in-law had me try her "Wen" shampoo which is sulfate free a few months ago and I loved it. It's weird because you rub all this mushiness into your hair but it doesn't bubble so it kindof is probably like if you rubbed a big tub of "I can't believe it's not butter" all on 'yohself' and then waited to see what happens...well I'll tell you -  your hair will feel ammmaazzziiing. (With the Wen-not the butter)
But here was the problem...Dave Ramsey said I couldn't buy it.
(In a round-a-bout sort of way)
So, fast forward some months and Amber goes on a retreat with her friends (during a complete hive/rash swelling body flare up-lucky them lol) and in the process borrowed {previously mentioned} friend's L'Oreal shampoo shown above.
And guess what?!? It was like my mother-in-law's awesome shampoo but I wouldn't need to sell any kidneys to purchase it!! WIN.WIN.
Long story short - if you hate taking showers always having to wake up early and like to be able to go four two days without washing your hair; this is your solution and my hair seriously stays clean and shiny. It looks like straw on the ends but that's just the type of hair God gave me so unfortunately I can't fix that but it seriously never, like ever, gets greasy anymore.
YEAH! :)
Numero 2 - Amethyst Jeans
So, same trip/different friend actually got me hooked on these little puppies. They are about 20 bucks. Not even kidding. I think mine were $25 and I had a coupon so I ended up spending $17.  (And I know faded denim and stitching is leaving this season but I was in a hurry and grabbed the first picture of Amethyst jeans I could find from their company). Sub-add (I actually only knew that faded denim is leaving this season because that is what the nice man at Banana Republic told Dave last weekend so don't think I actually have any idea what I'm talking about when it comes to fashion because as of 2009 (Or better yet - the year of Clara Bear) I :)
So-if you don't mind shopping at Gordman's for jeans, you can find that fun line there. And, I took a quick peak and Nordstrom's fall line-up and those jeans all start around $168 so I'll be heading my buns to Gordman's here in a few weeks to stock up for fall. ;) (And true story...I have gotten more compliments on my Amethyst jeans than I ever have on any of my other jeans which range anywhere from $60-$120 as that is about the price range of most jeans midwest girls wear!)
3 -  Clothing Swap
This is my favorite thing to tell you about yet!! Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures as that is when I thought (past tense) my camera was missing. However, I mentioned that during supper with grandpa & grandma & Dave (who apparently doesn't read my blog..sadness for amber) this past weekend, and I was stating how sad I was that I never found it after World's of Fun he chimed in..."Amber, your camera's in my car." So, I did what any loving wife would do and hit him. :) No, but that was the happiest news of my weekend so now that I'm completely off track...CLOTHING SWAP.
I met with some girls in my mom's group and you all bring in-season, laundered, cute clothes that you simply got tired of wearing. Then you lay out the clothes by room, pants, shirts, dresses etc., and have at it. The only rules are that you have to try it on before you can take it, but that's it! It was SO much fun and a great way to "update" your wardrobe without spending any money. (Lingerie is apparently not off limits and hahaha if anyone from that group actually reads this blog - I'm sorry Courtney...that was not a regular shirt). :)
4 - "Mourning Becomes Cassandra" followed by "The Tiniest Doubts" (Sequel)
This is hands down one of the funniest fiction books I've read in a long time...maybe ever. I only bought it because kindle was offering it for like a dollar this summer, but I literally have never laughed harder. It is the most unlikely, funny story line I've came across in a long time.(I'm not kidding when I say I almost liked it as much as Hunger Games just in a reeeallly different way). WOAH.I.KNOW. Christina Dudley is the author and since finding it, the book has picked up tons of's $16 now on Amazon and she's getting lots of recognition but I totally told Dave I should probably get some sort of award for predicting that book was going to become much more popular than it was when I first read it. :)
So, I'm sorry because it's more expensive to buy now but it's truly worth it if...if you're a girl. Not a boy. Just girls will like it. :)
Alright so there you have it - 4 things...little Levi is up and hungry so I must close up shop here this afternoon but trust me...this ginourmous list of 4 things I loved in 2012 will really change your world.
They probably won't.
(But I feel I've been a better friend to you all by sharing them with you). :)

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