Sunday, June 21, 2015


Well, it happened....

I made a pact that I would not blog again until our house sold and exactly 1004 days after we placed our house on the market it happened! 

See...posting it on this blog did work! Hahaha
totally kidding

Actually, long story short, when our house went to market the city decided to expand the interstate closer to our backyard and apparently buyers do not like to purchase homes whose roof is the off ramp to I35. I'm not sure why, as we loved it. ;-p Anyways, we gave up trying to sell it and decided we would just live here the rest of our lives until someone finally found us decades later after the interstate collapsed on our heads. (It's cool though because we didn't plan on this happening until we were in our 100's and lived a long happy filled life)!! :)

However, three years ago, I knew God promised me He would sell this home so let me fill you in on the cool part....

while we had the timing wrong the promise was real.

Last month on Tuesday we got a call from the realtor who helped us buy the home (We hadn't really talked to him in 7 years because we attempted this FSBO last time if you recall the post). He said someone wanted a home in our area and had seen we had tried to sell it several years ago. Well that couple walked through on a Friday and wrote an offer the following Tuesday...their were projects half finished, the garage door was broken, landscaping that was lackluster to say the least but it had Dave's hard working fingerprints and kitchen stone wall (that nearly killed him as it was over 1,000 individual stones because I happened to chose a pattern that didn't come in blocks - sorry honey)!

See? Isn't it pretty though lol?

Back to the miracle story - so anyways after we had it on the market for 365 days with no success God sold it after one walk through a few years an even bigger profit. Win win!!!!!

Moral of this story - if you decide to rush God's plans you will ultimately end up unsuccessful when trying to sell your home but you will have a slightly cleaner house for a year. ;) 

So, to sum up the last 1,004 days....

Put house on market, got kindof sick and thought I might die but then I had heart surgery and felt much better, went to Mayo to confirm I won't die, phew, took house off of market, got puppy named lunchbox, started homeschooling Clara, changed my mind and sent her to pre-school, changed my mind again and decided to do both, had a minor freak out with Dave because we found out after many heartaches we were having a baby that appeared to be sticking around, had that baby and fell in love all over again, tried to remember how to raise a baby after 5 1/2 years, finallllllyyy sold house, moved to the Northland of KC.....enter June 2015. The rest of the story to be continued!!! :)

Now I am going to blow you all up with pictures from our christmas card because those are all I have uploaded on our computer right now. ;)

Here is Lunchbox sporting his Christmas scarf with Fluffy who is like 70 in dog years....I just realized she looks pretty good for her old  puppy age!

Celebrating with Captain Hook after learning my hearty heart was A-Okay!

Babbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeee #2!!!!

Clara now days....she's almost 6! Wowza!!! That went incredibly too fast!!!

Our new pumpkin Corban!!!!!!!!

Corban & Clara - okay I'm just going to be honest and say that I may overload you all from here on out with pictures of these guys. SO many answered prayers bundled up in these two!!!

And now I'm off to bed because I'm also a lot older since my last post. :-P

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