Monday, July 13, 2015

My Mom = Married! read that correctly! My momma bear tied the knot 22 years after my dad went to heaven.

There she is in a pretty dress that caused my sister (who manages her finances)to nearly quit on her after finding out the cost lol - but nevertheless she bought that dress and it looked soooo beautiful! And if you're wondering who that cute stinker is beside her...Oh yes, it's Ms. Clara. ;) (Please ignore the dump truck behind her lol)
It's such a weird feeling when your mom is getting married...
We were over the top thrilled for her, but it was still strange.
I can't imagine what it is like for children whose parents re-married without a 22 year prep period!? I give all of them an imaginary high five right now because I think that would be super hard.
But the moment arrived and my family excitedly got married that morning...

Here are some other moments....

This is my sista'!
And this is us proving we didn't need a selfie stick lol (we both had little babeeee's recently, only 2 months apart)! :)
There go the cute little flower girls in their cowgirl boots!
And my mom and grandma....
And the moment we'd all been waiting for....
"I do!"
Truthfully, I am a little tired of uploading photo's lol but there was lots of dancing, singing, and laughing at the reception. And best of all...LOTS of cake!! Ummmm! There were actually some pieces that ended up being just that's just pure amazingness!! (I wonder why I haven't lost all my Corban "fluff" yet lol?!?)

So, to close - Happy happy marriage wishes to my mom and her sweet new hubby!!! He is a wonderful step dad and grandpa and I'm so thankful to have him join our little family!

(Here Corban is getting prepped by grandpa Jim to play for the Royals someday!) ;)

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