Thursday, August 20, 2015

FPIES Don't bother me.....FPIES Don't Bother me!

(Just as an FYI, that title is to the tune of "Shoo Fly" ;) )
So how was everyone's week????
If you didn't...
Load up the family SUV,
Pack it full of one moderately recovered bulldog,
Three tortoises
One 6 month old
 one 5 year old who thinks she's 16,
a chiapoo who has anxiety issues
and then drive 200 miles to pick up your sister's breastmilk...

than I have you beat. ;)
And if you're imagining a chiapoo sliding all around the tortoise tank in the back of the car while lunch box anxiously paced waiting for the lid to pop off so he could eat one, while my little man was crying because he isn't a fan of driving to NE, while Clara sang, "Please stop crying Corban!" over and over at the top of her lungs with her hands over her ears than you are imagining it correctly! ;)
But that's okay...We are all alive so I'll consider this trip a success!
However, I will back up a few steps so I can tell you why on earth me and my family were making this journey.
Do you remember how I mentioned that my little man is allergic to everything. :*(
Well, two weeks ago it went from bad to worse and he had an allergic reaction that caused him to go into shock temporarily. It was so scary, I can't even begin to describe the feeling you guys, but the silver lining was that the doctors were finally able to reach a definitive diagnosis.
Our little man has a condition called FPIES.
FPIES is very rare condition where Corban's body has a non IgE mediated immune reaction to the proteins in certain foods and unfortunately for our little guy we haven't found one food he can tolerate yet by mouth.
if there is any good news about this, it is that he can tolerate breastmilk, and so that has been and will continue to be his source of sustenance for the unforeseeable future until we can find a food his body does like.
That's where the beautiful part of the story continues...
since my body produces this much extra milk at a time (which could probably sustain maybe a premature mouse baby)...
my sister offered us the most amazing gift she could ever have given us...
Her milk!!!!
(A very excited family selfie with the exclusion of the Michelin man who apparently just wanted the milk and not to celebrate lol)
Because ironically, she just had this adorable little guy a few months after Corban was born as I mentioned a few posts ago...
I sense trouble ;)
Thank you, thank you thank you thank you Aunt Angela!!
So that is what the reasoning behind our trip...
But, The reason for my caravan carrying a petting zoo simply will have to wait for another post because this momma bear is a teensey bit exhausted...
I'll will however leave you with a few pics from the trip because I'm sure you were all anxiously waiting to see those... ;)
The above ground pool my mom and grandpa Jim installed for Clara before we arrived lol
Lunchy enjoying his new hamburger which I am happy to report he has not actually eaten yet
Party at Culver's!

Clara playing with her "namesake" Claire & sister Isla - And Burger King is always a great place to test out that ole' immune system ;)

 My amazing grandma with Corbo beans and Clara bear

 And lastly, Me celebrating after a successful lunch for Corban; courtesy of Aunt Angela!!!!
Thank you again sister bear - this little man literally owes you his life!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Somebody's Been Busted!

This guy right here
 had a little secret he'd been hiding...
Now we knew he loved Binki's.
The hospital NUK's are his preferred binki of choice, but he never discriminated...if there was a pacifier within a 0.13 mile radius (because let's be realistic...he is still a bulldog and walking is something he prefers to do never if he has a choice) ;-) he could find it!
Well last week we found out just how much Mr. Lunchbox loves him some binki's!
Lunch Box's name really did end up being perfect and he would absolutely eat a lunch box if it would at all fit down his esophagus lol but since it can't he eats everything else in the whole world that does. We've found all manner of things that have exited his tummy....princess Sophia heads, everything Barbie could ever own or wear, Corban's dresser knobs, etc. You get the picture - it's typically a treasure trove of lost toys in our yard after Lunchy goes out in the morning. (And as Jimmy Fallon would say, "EW!!" ;-) )
So, it wasn't surprising when me and Dave woke up to find Lunchy throwing up Clara's new swim goggles (I briefly wondered if Kohl's would be willing to take them back as they were still in fairly good condition not considering their trip around his GI tract......totally kidding!!) but what we weren't expecting was his behavior afterwards.
He is so Taylor Swift when it comes to these episodes and can "Shake it Off" nearly minutes later but this time I just watched him lay in the sun panting as Dave left for work. So, after deciding not to be a horrible mom and watch him go through this anymore I loaded up the fam and headed to his vet.
Which "fam" am I referring too? Well this one of course!!  (See...I told you....any opportunity I get) ;)
She hurriedly performed an x-ray once we got there (which I convinced myself were definitely going to be less than people x-ray's) and without much explanation told me he would need immediate surgery (Now calmly asking the receptionist if there was a 'buy an x-ray get a surgery free day' happening today??) Nope?? Awesome sauce. I didn't feel like eating the rest of the month anyways.
So anyways, 2 hours later let me show you the text I received from the vet...

He had somehow collected 12 binki's in his belly and one in his GI tract over the past 2 years!! (Again, we knew he LIKED them, but we didn't know he'd been swallowing them whole!?!?)But here's the even crazier part....Corban DOESN'T LIKE them!!! Lunch Box had managed to sneak them from friends and family! So, some of you may actually recognize some of those and if so, please let me know where I can send the $4.39 cents I owe you. ;)
So yes, what happened to change this particular day was simply that binki number 13 had moved into a lower part of his digestive tract and gotten stuck (enter picture 2) and he actually only had 24 hours left in his puppy life had we not taken him in that day. (Woah sad moment)!
So, to close, if you plan to come to my house, please expect to leave without your binki's and if you do happen to contribute to Lunch Box's new collection he will undoubtedly try to start, we are happily accepting donations for his next surgery. ;)
I am happy to report the big guy is feeling much better and back to his annoying crazy self.

Ohhhh Lunchy...You're lucky Dave, Clara & Corban like you so much.
(juuuust kidding buddy...but I do wish you could get a job!) :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Just Your Typical Saturday....

Doing some laundry...
working on an art project...

AND rescuing a girl who showed up on our back door step missing half her clothes?!?!?
Yes my friends, that was what we did this past Saturday.

(I'd like to preface this entire story and say it sounds pretend but is absolutely 100% true so if you don't believe me you can ask, Dave, Lunchy, Clara, Fluffy Corban or the Platte City Police Dept)
Dave's first comment once the whole fiasco was resolved...
"This never would have happened in Kansas" lol
(Just Kidding Missouri, we like you too)
However, maybe a more accurate note would be that "this never happened to us in Kansas."
So, to begin, we were downstairs hanging out (which we honestly never do because it's unfinished and there are spiders that live in unfinished spaces);) And I had the door to the back opened up with the puppies outside (which we are not supposed to do because they were a bit unsupervised)..(Sorry subdivision management) when we heard the two puppies barking like crazy?!?
So before I tell you what happened next, let me show you what our house backs up to...
Basically it's a huge forest and up until this point all we've seen coming from there were deer, baby deer and wild turkeys.
Little did we know what would come out of those woods Saturday..
So, the puppies start barking and I run outside fully expecting to see someone from management telling me to manage our dogs, but instead find myself face to face with a girl, missing her shirt, covered from head to toe in mud crying/yelling at me to use my phone.
Errrr...... what in the flabamawhosawhatsa ???
WhAt iS GoInG On?!?!
Yes, that was my train of very eloquent thought during those initial moments...
I proceeded to lead her inside (apparently like a crazy person because obviously that probably wasn't safe) to be met by Dave who also had an expression of complete confusion (and possibly shooting me a few mean side looks by my obvious lack of wisdom leading her inside our house).
However, once she was inside, my heart immediately started switching from fear to sadness. She basically had followed the creek behind our house for over 15 miles because her and her boyfriend had an altercation (I am calling it that fancy word to save you from a very sad description of what he'd actually done to her). She had lost her shirt during that situation and was covered in mud because she'd ran most of the way through the water along the river bank.
So, I'm sure by this point you're wondering what these two were doing...
(Corban's face here captures the moment perfectly lol)
Well...that's pretty much it...we had Clara somewhat distracted by bringing us washcloths, towels etc and singing randomly when the story got a little rough (I was so picturing that ELF scene with Will Ferrel randomly singing to his dad..."I'm here, and I'm singing" because that's what I basically did lol.
"I'm singing, Clara I love you, please don't listen to this girl missing her shirt while I'm singing...lalala"
But seriously you guys, we have never had our back door open for any extended length of time down there, and never hang out in the basement and ironically right before she arrived dave said, "um what are you doing?" To which I replied, I don't know I just feel like hanging out down here for some reason." WELLLLL now I know exactly why and that was to help that sweet girl. I mean she'd passed LOTS of houses before ours but our back door happened to be wide open that afternoon at the exact moment she was running by.
So, we got her water and food, clean clothes and tried to figure out her story a little more which was really just heartache after heartache but the worst part was it sounded like she lived a pretty normal life in highschool (great at sports, excellent at track (clearly!) and an overall happy girl. Unfortunately, she had a baby before she was ready and that's where her story turned south a little too fast.
Abusive boyfriends,
more drugs,
more abuse
illegal jobs,
more drugs...
and then on August 1st
Dave & Amber's house
So, as we listened to her story unfold, we realized all we really could do was help her in that moment feel safe, loved and full of dignity because she was absolutely humiliated at how she arrived.
She wouldn't let us call the cops on her boyfriend (because for whatever reason I've found abused girls still protect their abusers :( ) And she wouldn't let us take her to the hospital because they would obviously uncover what he'd done as well....
So, we prayed and did our best.
Several hours later after everything was more under control and she had some family lined up to help, Dave was on her way to her uncle's house.
He said it was horrible dropping her off not knowing what was going to happen next but I know God was so watching her trek through the woods that hot Saturday afternoon and prompted us to be downstairs in our spider ridden basement for no reason so I'm sure she is much safer now...but I have to say in our 9 years of marriage, we had NEVER experienced anything so bizarre in our life!!
I have a feeling that is not the last we will hear from her but who knows??
To conclude, we love you all because once the cops arrived and we were able to spend several hours working things out with him and discussing what had happened, we learned just how rough the crowd she ran around with actually is...
The Edgerton Murders anyone??
Yeah, Britney (girl on the right) was her best friend.
Yes, that type of rough.
So, the cops patrolled our neighborhood all night and gave us an all clear but we've definitely kept our eyes out for any unfamiliar cars the last few days!
Good news is so far so good! :)
I really don't think she was brought to our house for us to all end up in heaven though lol - At least I'm hoping not. ;)
My sister decided to make us a sign for our back door that now reads, "Please knock if you need 911 or Jesus."
(Obviously not her best work lol but it's the thought that counts) ;)
So to conclude, I'm so glad we could help but I may think twice next time I feel prompted to go play with the spiders downstairs!!!
And now, while there is actually so much more to that story I need to put our little dinosaur to bed!

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