Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Somebody's Been Busted!

This guy right here
 had a little secret he'd been hiding...
Now we knew he loved Binki's.
The hospital NUK's are his preferred binki of choice, but he never discriminated...if there was a pacifier within a 0.13 mile radius (because let's be realistic...he is still a bulldog and walking is something he prefers to do never if he has a choice) ;-) he could find it!
Well last week we found out just how much Mr. Lunchbox loves him some binki's!
Lunch Box's name really did end up being perfect and he would absolutely eat a lunch box if it would at all fit down his esophagus lol but since it can't he eats everything else in the whole world that does. We've found all manner of things that have exited his tummy....princess Sophia heads, everything Barbie could ever own or wear, Corban's dresser knobs, etc. You get the picture - it's typically a treasure trove of lost toys in our yard after Lunchy goes out in the morning. (And as Jimmy Fallon would say, "EW!!" ;-) )
So, it wasn't surprising when me and Dave woke up to find Lunchy throwing up Clara's new swim goggles (I briefly wondered if Kohl's would be willing to take them back as they were still in fairly good condition not considering their trip around his GI tract......totally kidding!!) but what we weren't expecting was his behavior afterwards.
He is so Taylor Swift when it comes to these episodes and can "Shake it Off" nearly minutes later but this time I just watched him lay in the sun panting as Dave left for work. So, after deciding not to be a horrible mom and watch him go through this anymore I loaded up the fam and headed to his vet.
Which "fam" am I referring too? Well this one of course!!  (See...I told you....any opportunity I get) ;)
She hurriedly performed an x-ray once we got there (which I convinced myself were definitely going to be less than people x-ray's) and without much explanation told me he would need immediate surgery (Now calmly asking the receptionist if there was a 'buy an x-ray get a surgery free day' happening today??) Nope?? Awesome sauce. I didn't feel like eating the rest of the month anyways.
So anyways, 2 hours later let me show you the text I received from the vet...

He had somehow collected 12 binki's in his belly and one in his GI tract over the past 2 years!! (Again, we knew he LIKED them, but we didn't know he'd been swallowing them whole!?!?)But here's the even crazier part....Corban DOESN'T LIKE them!!! Lunch Box had managed to sneak them from friends and family! So, some of you may actually recognize some of those and if so, please let me know where I can send the $4.39 cents I owe you. ;)
So yes, what happened to change this particular day was simply that binki number 13 had moved into a lower part of his digestive tract and gotten stuck (enter picture 2) and he actually only had 24 hours left in his puppy life had we not taken him in that day. (Woah sad moment)!
So, to close, if you plan to come to my house, please expect to leave without your binki's and if you do happen to contribute to Lunch Box's new collection he will undoubtedly try to start, we are happily accepting donations for his next surgery. ;)
I am happy to report the big guy is feeling much better and back to his annoying crazy self.

Ohhhh Lunchy...You're lucky Dave, Clara & Corban like you so much.
(juuuust kidding buddy...but I do wish you could get a job!) :)

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ashli brehm said...

Hi. Larious. And I am so glad you are baaaaaaack!

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