Friday, November 20, 2015

A Tale of 3 Tortises

I will begin by mentioning that Clara and Dave have a different version of this story...
(I guess only Jesus knows the whole truth at this point. :))
However, I will tell my version because it's my blog. ;)
In a wonderful land by the Smithville "sea"
which some refer to as North KC,
lived a beautiful (hehe) mother of two
who had an idea, which her husband approved.
She'd start savings accounts for each of them,
that way they could save for some bigger items.
The idea made both of them glad
and this way they knew Dave Ramsey wouldn't be mad.
So, after a while Dave had an idea
he would like a 4k TV.
While Amber agreed he'd found a good deal
she kindly ;) asked he wait and made a very loving appeal.
She felt like he was rushing a decision
they'd just started saving and she thought he had listened.
But fast forward a week or so,
and she heard a loud noise from the garage, "Oh no!"
She found a mischievous team up to something,
and GENTLY suggested they stop whatever they were doing. ;)
Her sweet life partner stated they were building a city
for some tortoises he had purchased down in...Miami!?!
He'd heard of a warehouse near his hotel
that smuggled  legally brought reptiles into the US to sell.
I'm not joking when I say this you guys,
I think he was lucky to make it out of there alive.

He found some rare tortises, he felt that we needed
and while they were expensive he decided we could BREED them
So, instead of one he found TWO that he liked
a boy and a girl to bring (joy?) to our lives.
They asked if he had a large suitcase in tow,
that way he could simply "fly with them" home.
He decided against going to jail,
and asked if they'd mind sending them in the mail.

"Absolutely," they replied and we'll sweeten the offer
if you buy two, we'll include one more for twenty dollars.
Of course my sweet hubby had to accept
because he felt turning down 3 tortises was something he'd regret.
So they arrived shortly after, those three...
Rocket, Marabella and the littlest, Mr. Joey
They were kindof cute I admit
but if Dave ever hears this, I will not repeat that. ;)
Clara was in love and Corban started jumping
So apparently my family of 4 was now growing.
Some (me) would say purchasing 3 pricey turtles unwise
But Dave insists our kid's college "will now be paid for by these guys?!?"


Nevertheless, these are the three new "kiddos" in my life
Although they brought with them a bit of marital strife. (lol)
They enjoy eating lettuce and swimming in their pool
and walking around in their (Amber & Dave's bedroom) sized lagoon.


So, the moral of this story is easy to see
If your husband has been saving, just let him buy the TV!
Because as aesthetic as this huge tank may seem...

You may prefer Downton on a crystal-clear big screen!!

P.S. I know you were amazed at my wonderful rhyme scheme and syncopation - And to think this post only took me 16 minutes to write! ;)

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~Ashley said...

Great poetry! Mrs, I mean, Dr. Brown would be proud!

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