Friday, November 13, 2015

Oh Poop

Or lack thereof...
I have been absent - and that's because the situation described above is normally not a big deal, (unless your kiddo has FPIES). Corban has been trialing foods and it has caused some stoppage of his GI tract which in the FPIES world means hospital time. He is back home and doing well but it's a journey. A non-fun, hopefully in-a-literal-sense-poopy journey.
My life right now revolves around pumping, making sure there are no crumbs within a 100 mile radius of my son, trying to adjust to life in O-town (Omaha, NE) and this beast that is controlling each moment of our life!!
(Insert mad face)
But we are trying to be strong and thankfully Clara (and her cousin Trent) are doctors. ;)
I was getting a little in over my head about all of this so I wanted to let you all know that I started a different blog called Acronym City. That is where I will write about the up's & down's of Corban's condition and can hopefully help any other families who might be struggling through FPIES. It really stinks you guys. It's really hard and it makes me cry quite a bit but I decided that walking through it alone is most likely not what Jesus would like me to do(but what I typically prefer when I'm sad) in the  hopes that others can hear our family's story and find some help and hope. I also added in POTS because that also can be no fun, but it's winter which means my autonomic system is working well and loving the cold~so don't expect any posts on that until its warm again which in NE could be in like 18 seconds but hopefully we can at least welcome Santa before it comes back!! :)
So, to sum up,
I will be back here to post fun stuff...

(Like Halloween and grandpa & grandma's)
(Life back in an 8 square foot house we had never pictured living in again with new additions including 2 doggies, 3 tortoises and 2 kiddos. Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful God kept this home for us; just surprised to be back in it)!
(Unfortunate birthday gifts for 6 yr. olds  which include recorder's)

  (Really hard going away parties with friends and family (although I'm wearing my little-bit-crazy happy face in some of those photo's, I was just trying to be strong). ;)

(And my new songwriting co-writers "The A Team" - You can find us on...the radio) hehe
The other blog will be my more serious..
son has to take baths in hospital sinks type of thing... :(
But I promised from the beginning I would try and be "real life" over here and that is part of our world at the moment unfortunately.
So, stay tuned here for the fun and stop by Acronym City for the serious.
And as Clara and Corban would say....

Later Tator's ;)

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