Monday, January 11, 2016

Did I Ever Tell You The Story...

Of the time Dave parked our U-Haul here??
Nope? Okay well then you are all in for a real treat ;)
So, the telephone company, cable company and electrical company prefer it if you do not park your U-Haul on top of their electrical units being that it creates a prettttttty dangerous situation for them and is also just a teensy bit costly but we always like to keep things exciting at our house and so that morning that is exactly what Dave did.
You see, 2015 will forever go down in history as the year we paid for the retirement of the men who work for this company:
(And as a side note, I don't think we would have needed them the second time around had Dave not built his Tortoise habitat but I am NOT going into that again here... lol).
Anyways...back to the story...there were a few things the movers couldn't fit so we picked up one of those little U-Haul dealeo's and went to work packing up the last of our belongings...
we backed it up to our town home...
and being that me and Dave are both horrible really awesome at backing those up that was really fun in and of itself...
We were so proud of ourselves by this point I think it was clouding the next decision we made...
So you may be able to see we are parked on a bit of an incline...(We apparently didn't notice that as my original intent of taking this pic was because I was so proud of how perfectly we'd parked it).
So, Dave started to un-hitch it when I heard him yelling~So, I run over and start to help him as slowly but surely we are loosing our footing and the U-Haul is about to smash into our car. So, Dave frantically yells for me to at least drive the car into the street so it doesn't come through the back window. Thinking back...we probably should have just let it smash the car as the next scene was something I only have the angels to thank.
I start pulling away - hear Dave scream and then see him like "Matrix style" jump and roll as the U-Haul starts heading down the sidewalk and getting faster by the second...
(See picture above lol)
Yes, it rolled all the way down the sidewalk into the townhomes electrical, cable box, station knocking out a significant amount of electricity and cable for our neighborhood...not to mention live wires with what could only basically be described as a large steel conductor sitting on top of it.
My sweet friend Anri ran out scared to death we had set off a bomb.
I'm going to make her sweet boys famous for a moment ...hehe
(If Clara could marry two boys it would be them....however she would also be a bit of a cougar lol).
The moral of the story is if you want to park your U-Haul, on an incline, make sure to place bricks in FRONT of the tires or your U-Haul may rapidly go rolling down your street and may knock out the electricity and cable of your neighborhood and the electrical and cable men may be a bit mad at you and not talk to you while you are desperately praying you didn't just send them to heaven today as they try and fix a tiny problem you may have created!!

Update: I am happy to report they are alive and well - and one of them even shook Dave's hand at the end so see...No.Big.Deal ;)
And, for those of you that I'm sure have just missed seeing my cutie patuties here you go lol...
(Clara taking after Dave with her home depot project)

 (New favorite play area at the mall)

 (The kiddos making supper for me and Dave)

(Clara and her cousin Brigs)

(Clara helping her school with everyone's donations - Thanks everyone!!)

(Corban saying good-bye until next time... bc this boy's loves to wave!!) :)
Oh wait ...I almost forgot the cutest duo of all...
juuuuusttt kidding -
 Happy Monday!!

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