Thursday, June 23, 2016


 (and Yes, I realize it's June but I had to back track a bit) :)
I'm alive!!
Do you like how well I've done keeping this blog updated like I promised?! Eek!!
So just to give you a little update of where we've been...
We tried Whole 30 for 9 days...not too shabby for the Guderian's lol. It actually helped a lot in the 9 days but then Corban got sick and that went out the window because you can't really grill out at the hospital but we did feel quite a bit better for that period of time. :)
Then we set up our own outdoor adventure park because Target had a sale...Clara wanted the $495 inflatable rockclimbing water gym but we settled on a $10 slip in slide and lounge pool. She wasn't thrilled at the time but after a couple times down this bad boy she changed her mind. :)

 Corban just liked hanging out by the wading pool and cheering on his sister in his girl crocs (so I learned that apparently black crocs do not necessarily mean they are boys' but he is comfortable in his masculinity and has been rocking out in them all summer lol).So - a little lesson to mom's of new boys....strap over the top= girl crocs. No strap = boy crocs. You.Are.Welcome. :)
Nothing really to report here...I just think Corban looked so cute waking up this morning and wanted to share it with you all. :)
When your son has some immune system problems you have to make your own fun riding a lift with your neighbor! :)
So, Clara and Corban's new favorite activity is making Corban E.T. He literally prefers to walk around with his blankie on his head now days lol. I'm not sure why but I prefer that over his second favorite activity...playing in the toilet! :)
Lastly...I bet you were all wondering about my songwriting....
Welllll :)
So, I mentioned the mentorship I went through last month with my sweet mentor and now friend and she gave my songs to a gentleman named Joel Lindsey. Joel has over 800 songs published and multiple dove awards and grammy nominations....and guess who emailed me?!?!?! :)
And guess what he invited me to??
His Annual Co-Writing Retreat!!
I was one of 40 people selected across the US to go sing and write songs for an entire weekend!!!
(I'm on the bottom left with one of my new besties from the retreat, Laura).

Everyone was so gracious and amazing. Basically, they have a bingo wheel and your name is drawn into a co-write with 2 other people. Then that night the songs are performed. Many of the songs from the retreat will then later be heard on the radio, or in musicals or various other publishing venue's so for the first time in my life, I can actually call myself an official songwriter as several of the songs I co-wrote with are being demo'd and submitted for publishing!!! EEEEEEEeeeeeee!!! (And Sue and Gene were my last co-write of the weekend and Sue often writes with Travis Cottrell and for any of my Beth Moore bible study friends you will understand my excitement even at that lol...sooo I'm pretty much like best friends with Beth Moore now because I wrote with her worship pastor's friend one time at a retreat in GA in May of 2016. (At least that's what I'm going to tell people).
Okay, so that almost makes me have a heart attack again just writing so so so so so thankful at all God is doing but if I can encourage anyone....when you have a dream ...A God given dream...remember to be patient (because I wasn't and that makes it harder lol) but God.Is.Faithful. and He honestly did miracle after miracle in a small amount of time to bring me here. And now, I get to go back every year and have a bunch of new friends and "family" to be thankful for also!!
And on a completely unrelated also exciting note...Clara finally lost her tooth...after 3 exhausting weeks!!! And, apparently the tooth fairy is much more wealthy than in the olden days as "most kids get at least a dollar MOM!" (Luckily I had one dollar in my purse or this fairy would have left a very shiny quarter as she felt that was a bit ridiculous). :)

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