Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Dog Days of Summer...

So sometime around the beginning of June I sat down at the kitchen table and said, "Wow, these really are the dog days of summer."
Dave started laughing at me and replied, "Amber, this is like the very beginning of summer....that phrase is meant for the end of August."
At the time, I was annoyed he thought that was so funny but as it turns out...yep....SUPER over hot, sticky, no cold brisk morning's ever!!
So, just so you all know, I now understand how to correctly use that phrase and I agree with it wholeheartedly. :-P (I'm sure you will all sleep better tonight knowing that).
So, before moving forward to almost FALL (Wohoo)! I will do a quick re-hash of our last couple months...
This is where you would find us pretty much every afternoon. Clara and Corban put on quite a "Shamu Show" by the end of summer!
Um, I can hardly take this picture in my mommy heart but we got all dressed up and went to a 4th of July parade in Omaha and the kids LOVED it...then we headed to Lincoln to celebrate with my mom, Gigi and Jim and Dave almost killed himself with a firework but that is another post for another time. :)
Somewhere during this time, Dave's parents were super sweet and gave us a date night with a Hunter Hayes concert and hotel stay at the Casino. And, I won $95 within the first 5 minutes of being there so not.too.shabby.....we had a blast! :)
The next weekend, we headed to Colorado with my mom's family...It was so much fun, tubing, wakeboarding, riding horses and just hanging out. Unfortunately, my phone wasn't taking pictures so I have like 2 but here we are on day one during our early morning horse riding adventure.
We got up early and headed up the mountain where a gourmet chef made us these maple pancake amazingness things, sausage, eggs and coffee. It was just so fun (and beautiful) to get to watch the sunrise from the mountain...and it was cold out! (Win.Win).
The tour guide was so sweet because she let Clara drive the horses home part of the time. She was so so excited!
The kiddos slept half the way home which was cute...and nice for mom and dad to have some time to chat. ;) (However, I will add that my cousin Justin thought it would be funny to send all the kids home with musical instruments so Clara played her recorder and Corban honked his duck call 90% of the way home during the time they were awake....but I have a little payback up my sleeve for him) ;)
Corban remained fairly healthy throughout the summer, he just had one additional hospital stay in June and one last week but each time we do learn a little more about his condition.
(He's not actually drinking that but I just thought the pic was too cute not to post). :)
The hardest part is staying away from other kiddos because his immune system simply doesn't handle germs like most immune systems do. 
We ended up heading back to Mayo Clinic last week after his liver continued to swell from a virus and as hard as watching him go through all the testing is, we came away with some very helpful results...they just have so many tests his doctors here don't have the capacity to perform and I swear it's like the Disney World of the healthcare system there....everyone is always so kind and smiling which is so helpful when you are facing such difficult days.
(Sleeping between appointment's - He has become such a daddy's boy and wants to spend every second with his "da da da da da" :) )
Unfortunately, as I mentioned above we ended up in the hospital at Mayo because he developed some breathing trouble after a procedure. It took 5 different steroid/breathing treatments  and epinephrine but by the next morning he was ready to come home.
He is such a brave boy and he just made me and Dave tear up all week  because even during his shots he doesn't cry...all the nurses and doctor's said they had never worked with an 18 month old who was so calm and part of me knows it's because he has been through so much in his short life but I also believe Jesus is absolutely holding him even closer than we can. I don't know why Corbo has to face all these health challenges but I trust with my whole heart they are growing him into the man Jesus has called him to be.
Okay, and now onto Clara bear ...SO it turns out she is the new Michael Phelps of the swimming world!! :)
She had competitive swim tryouts the end of July...
So, I felt like the worst mom ever but I didn't realize in order to swim competitively with the millard swim team you needed to know all 4 swim strokes so we get there and I'm up in the bleachers watching her (with girls who are like towering over her in an Olympic sized pool which she's never swam in before) and realizing I just set her up for total failure.
So, she gets in the back of the line with the older girls and does the freestyle she did kindof knows this stroke but I had no idea if she could actually swim the entire 50 m of the pool, so by the time she reached the other side of the pool I am literally jumping up and down in my seat! However seeing the next girl jump in backwards and start the back stroke I call down to the coach and tell him she doesn't know that stroke and to send her up to me. However, instead he leans down once she reaches him and he says something to her and the next thing I know Clara is in line with the girls preparing to do the back stroke (which she's never done in her life)!?!
I'm not joking when I said I checked out my attire to see if I could swim in what I had on because  I was entirely convinced I was going to have to jump in and save her because for her to jump into a 14 ft deep pool backwards was something I couldn't fathom and to then try to swim a stroke she'd never done!?! But guess what my little sweetheart did...
She swam the entire length of that Olympic sized pool in the correct form of the back stroke like a total pro!!!!!
I'm certain I may have tinkled in my pants and I'm not even sure what the other parents thought because by this point you would have thought she won the Gold at the Olympics with my reaction but I was just so proud of her!!
When I finally got down to her and asked her how on earth she just did that she just shrugged her shoulders and said, "I just watched the other girls mom."
SO, you are hearing it here first...Clara will probably be competing with team USA in the 2026 Olympics (and even if she doesn't I will still be the most proud mom in the world for what she accomplished as a 6 year old at swim trials). :)
And, last but not least...I haven't shared something else we learned this summer...
Baby Guderian #3 is arriving in December!! :)
We were 1,000 % surprised and thrilled to find out we were going to be having a third baby!
 (And thankfully my husband was kind enough the other night to drive to 2 grocery stores and a gas station to find me the only drink that sounds good at the moment).
So, now cheers to what is hopefully truly the end of the Dog Days of Summer and onto 3 straight months of maternity leggings and sweatshirts!! :)

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